Beijing DHH Law Firm Ranking 9th in “The Asia 50” and 10th in “The Biggest Footprints in Asia”

On October 25th, 2018, the American Lawyer released the ranking of “The Asia 50”. The only quality that was taken into consideration to work out the ranking was the number of lawyers of a law firm, based on which three ranking lists were released: The Asia 50, Global Firms in Asia, and The Biggest Footprints in Asia.

Having ranked 34th in “ 2018 Global 100” released by the American Lawyer on September 24th, Beijing DHH Law Firm was selected for a second time, ranking 9th in “The Asia 50” and 10th in “The Biggest Footprints in Asia”. 

Since its establishment, Beijing DHH Law Firm has been adhering to the service concepts of “Professionalism, Concentration, Specialization and Dedication”, serving the clients’ business needs with expertise and teamwork. Relying on Deheng Law Group’s advanced management experience, Beijing DHH Law Firm has achieved steady growth in the number of lawyers and branches. What’s more, compared with 2017, its growth rate of turnover was as high as 74.05%. In this regard, Beijing DHH Law Firm’s prudent and rapid development model, known as “DHH Phenomena”, has aroused wide attention and exploration from legal media and rating organizations both at home and abroad.

Beijing DHH Law Firm has over 1,000 lawyers working from over 50 offices covering every major province and region in China as well as major countries around the world. Its strong team of elite lawyers have received education and professional training from reputable domestic and overseas law schools, and some are also certificated public accountants, tax agents, public economists and patent agents, which enables the firm to assist clients in coping with the increasingly complicated business challenges.

As a leading law firm with professional lawyers, international perspectives and local advantages, Beijing DHH Law Firm is committed to providing comprehensive commercial legal services with high quality and efficiency for its clients both at home and abroad.

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