Beijing DHH Law Firm was Conferred “Special Contribution Award” by Chinese Lawyer on its 30th Anniversary of Publication

On 28th December, 2018, the Ceremony for the 30th Anniversary of Publication of Chinese Lawyer was held in Beijing, during which Beijing DHH Law Firm was conferred “Special Contribution Award”. Ms. Hongna Liu, Partner of Deheng Law Group and Deputy-Executive  Director of Beijing DHH Law Firm, was invited to attend the Ceremony, and spoke as a representative and accepted the Award.

Beijing DHH Law Firm was conferred "Special Contribution Award" by Chinese Lawyer on its 30th Anniversary of Publication

he Ceremony was hosted by Mr. Haiwei Li, Deputy Secretary-General of All China Lawyers Association (ACLA) as well as President of Chinese Lawyer Journal. Nearly 50 representatives from all circles attended this Ceremony, including Mr. Junfeng Wang, Chairman of ACLA, Mr. Xiutao Han, Secretary-General of ACLA, Mr. Zicheng Gao, Chairman of Beijing Lawyers Association (BLA) and Mr. Hanying Li, Vice-Chairman of Hunan Lawyers Association, gathering to witness this important milestone in the course of development of Chinese Lawyer.

Site of the Ceremony

Chinese Lawyer (monthly) , founded in 1988, is an authoritative and influential national publications in the legal profession organized by Ministry of Justice of the People's Republic of China and All China Lawyers Association (ACLA). Chinese Lawyer has been issued for 338 volumes, aiming to conduct ideological and political education for lawyers with theoretical and political guidance, improve lawyers' political quality and professional quality, and promote the construction of lawyer system and the development of lawyer work, through publicizing the principles, policies and laws of The Party and the State, disseminating information on lawyers’ work, introducing lawyer's experience, studying lawyers' practice and construction of lawyers' system, and introducing foreign lawyers' systems and practices for reference by our country, etc.

Several lawyers from Beijing DHH Law Firm had published many articles on Chinese Lawyer Journal and Chinese Lawyer Website, actively making recommendations and suggestions on the current issues, including the small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) services, the international legal services, the construction of internet arbitration court, the construction of legal service under the Belt and Road Initiative, and the 301 Investigation initiated by the US, and other hot issues. Therefore, that Beijing DHH Law Firm was conferred “Special Contribution Award” by Chinese Lawyer on its 30th Anniversary of Publication is exactly a recognition and affirmation of its professional business service ability and excellent service quality. Beijing DHH Law Firm will follow Chinese Lawyer as guiding direction to establish a legal service model and to cultivate more qualified Lawyers, so as to make great contribution to the development of Chinese lawyers, thus promoting the development and improvement of the democracy and nomocracy in China.

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