The Fourth Forum of Cooperation and Development among Sino-Foreign Law Firms & The Belt and Road Legal Services Forum was Grandly Held

On the afternoon of 26th April, 2019, the Fourth Forum of Cooperation and Development among Sino-Foreign Law Firms & The Belt and Road Legal Services Forum was grandly held in Hefei Swan Lake Hotel, Anhui Province, which was hosted by Elite Global Legal Alliance (EGLA) and Anhui Huishang Law Firm, and organized by Association for Chinese Lawyers in Europe (ACLE). The Forum was presided over by Director Kefu Liu of EGLA BRI Centre and Executive Director Yuexi Yao of Beijing DHH (Shanghai) Law Firm.


A European delegation consisting of nearly 20 lawyers from nine countries (including Sweden, UK, France, Germany, Czech, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy and Russia) attended the Forum. And the Forum was conducted with various sessions of different countries, and all participants made wonderful sharing and extensive discussions on the topics of various sessions.

Sweden Session: Ms. Qun Gu, Head of China Desk -Vinge Law Firm and President of ACLE, shared her views on how to improve success rate of mergers and acquisitions in Nordic region.

UK Session

UK Session: Ms. Xueying Zhang, Head of Far East and China Business Group of Sherrards Solicitors LLP, gave an overview of the mergers and acquisitions in the UK.

France Session

France Session: Dr. Huini Li (Partner of ADAMAS Attorneys-at-Law), Dr. Yan Bai (Senior Counsel of DS AVOCATS) and Dr. You Shang (China Marketing Director of Jeantet French Law Firm) respectively delivered speeches themed by the Latest Progress in the Review of Foreign Investment in France, the Approval and Filing of Overseas Investment Projects by Chinese-funded Enterprises, and the Legal Issues in- and-after period of M&A in French. Besides, Mr. Remi Turcon (Head of Alexen Advocats) also introduced the Alexen Business Opportunities Platform.  

Germany Session

Germany Session: Mr. Dr. Yifan Zhu (Head of China Desk of Noerr LLP) conducted an analysis of the tax optimized structures of M&A transactions between China and Germany or Europe, while Ms. Xiaoyu Yang (China Business Director of Moore Stephens International Limited) analyzed the finance & taxation points on German investment environment and M&A.

                                                                                                                                                             Czech Session

                                                                                                                                                  Netherlands Session

Luxembourg Session

Czech Session, Netherlands Session and Luxembourg Session: Mr. Shiyang Zhang (Head of China Desk at PRK Partners, Czech) introduced the overview of M&A in the Czech Republic to the participants, and Ms. Jing Duan (Managing Director of Dumela B.V, Netherlands) made a vivid interpretation on how to conduct investment and M&A in Netherlands. Besides, Ms. Hui Gao (China Business Director of Intertrust) displayed the significant role of Luxembourg in the investment by Chinese-funded enterprises in Europe.  

 Italy Session

Russia Session

Italy Session and Russia Session: Mr. Michele Sparta (Head of China Practice Italy) focused on the Italian projects suitable for Chinese investors, and Mr. Maxim and Mr. Valeriy from Avelan Law Firm interpreted the relevant issues and countermeasures on Chinese-funded enterprises’ investment in Russia.

Apart from the lawyers from various European countries, the Forum also invited several representatives from well-known European investment banks and M&A consultants to issue some selected projects, including Ms. Yulei Bao (Senior Manager of Nordic Match Limited), Mr. Zhe Zhao (Investment Manager of Alantra) and Mr. Baoshan Bao (Partner of Livingstone). All the participant European lawyers and representatives from investment banks not only shared the latest legal progress of Investment and M&A in various countries, but also provided hundreds of investment projects or opportunities, which injected new resources and vitality for EGLA’s internationalization and foreign-related development.

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