The First Round of DHH American Lecture Tour: Seattle—3+1 Road Map for IP Protection of American Enterprises in China

With the progress of Sino-US trade negotiation, Beijing DHH Law Firm upheld the concept of serving clients all around the world and formed a senior lawyer group including Hao Chen, Yuexi Yao, Yimin Liu, Liang Mei, Yanhui Yang to deliver a Lecture Tour across America. The theme of the lecture tour is on 3+1 IP Protection of American Enterprises in China, in which “3” means administrative, civil and criminal methods for IP protection and “1” means the DHH serving platform covering the whole China.
On the morning of March 12th , 2019, in order to promote better protection for foreign enterprise’s IP rights , three lawyers from Beijing DHH Law Firm went to Seattle, and held a seminar on the theme of “3+1: Intellectual Property Protection of Foreign Enterprises in China”at the 3/F Conference Hall of Safeco Building.

Mr. Hao Chen displayed the rapid development of Beijing DHH Law Firm and its branches around the world. In addition, he introduced the recent development and development strategy of EGLA, and warmly invited the American law firms present here to attend the exchange meeting of Chinese and foreign law firms in China organized by EGLA at the end of April. He also shared main dilemmas encountered by US companies in the process of safeguarding their IP rights in China, such as trademark’s malicious registering, pirated software using, and so on. In allusion to these problems, Mr. Hao Chen shared related legal practical experiences in China, including creating a Blacklist to prevent malicious registration, raising statutory damages for copyright, shifting the burden of proof, improving the quality of patent creation, application, review, utilization and so on.


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