HAPPY SP SIHOMBING, BUDIHARDJO HARDISURJO & ASSOCIATES LAW FIRM (H&B LAW FIRM) was established in 1995 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The Firm specialize in Legal Due Diligence, Corporate Acquisition, Arbitration, Mining Law, Investment Law, Energy Law, and Corporate Litigation, and others.H&B Law Firm legal team consists of professional lawyers and legal experts who aim to provide law-abiding legal services and ensure ease of doing business to serve the clients’ interests.

The managing partners who lead H&B Law Firm are:

 · Happy SP Sihombing, SH., MH., a senior lawyer with more than 24 years of experience. He often deals with legal due diligence and is an expert in Investment Law. He is currently the head of the Organizational Defense Division of PERADI (Perhimpunan Advokat Indonesia/The Indonesian Advocates Association with 40,000 active lawyers) and had a significant contribution in the formulation of the Indonesian Advocates Law;

 · Budihardjo Hardisurjo, B.Sc., SH., MH., the Chairman of Mega Global Investment, an investment facilitation centre in Indonesia which has partnership with Topwe Law Firm (Indonesia Investment Service Centre) and Miracles Investment Group (Singapore Investment Centre);

 · Viator Harlen Sinaga, SH., MH., a senior lawyer with more than 25 years of experience and is an expert in the field of Arbitration and Civil Procedural Law. He currently serves as a vice secretary general of PERADI. He is an author of legal literatures, with the masterpiece “Memahami Arbitrase Dengan Praktik BANI dan Pembatalan Putusan Arbitrase” (Understanding Arbitration Through BANI Practices and the Cancellation of Arbitral Awards).

(BANI: Badan Arbitrase Nasional Indonesia/The Indonesian National Arbitration Board).

H&B Law Firm is in partnership with Topwe Law Firm (Fujian, China) and Miracles Holding Group (Singapore). The Firm serves both local and international clients from Indonesia, China, Singapore, Australia, and Malaysia. Among others: WOM Finance Indonesia, Nokia Indonesia, PT. Sinopec International Petroleum Services, Indonesia, PT. Global Pacific Trading Indonesia (China Wanda Group), China State Construction Engineering Corporation/CSCEC, PT. Sino Greatwall Construction Indonesia, Bossini Hongkong & Indonesia, TOTO Indonesia, L’OCCITANE Indonesia, YAMAHA Motor Indonesia, Element (Billabong) Australia, INJATAMA Coal Mining, Indonesia, G2000 Hongkong & Indonesia, Qingjian International (South Pacific) Group Development Co. Pte. Ltd., Ricca Peacock Asia Sdn Bhd Malaysia, Austra BT Pty Ltd Australia, and many others.

H&B Law Firm is a part of UDL HOLDING. The companies/firms under UDL Holding are property development company, construction company (in cooperation with CSCEC), tax consultant firm, investment facilitation center (Mega Global Investment), and security management company. 

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