Guance Law Firm is one of the large comprehensive legal services organizations in Northeast China, headquartered in the 15 floor of Liaoning Youse Building in Shenyang CBD (Central Business District) with an office area of over 2,500 square meters. It has a first-class business environment, modern office conditions, advanced computer network platform and the alpha system of “visualization + big data + teamwork management + artificial intelligence. Good office facilities provide a strong guarantee for the establishment of a large-scale, specialized and integrated legal service system.

Guance Law Firm has more than 150 members, most of whom have master's degrees or higher or intermediate legal professional titles. Some lawyers have qualifications such as certified public accountant, certified public valuer and insurance assessor. Guance’s lawyers not only have a solid legal theory, but also have rich practical experience and keen legal thinking, as well as the pioneering and enterprising spirit.

Guance Law Firm has many outstanding lawyers from the whole country, Liaoning Province and Shenyang City, the best defense lawyers for criminal case in Liaoning Province, the first top ten young lawyers in Shenyang, legislative advisors of Liaoning Provincial Party Committee, Liaoning Provincial People's Congress, and Liaoning Provincial People’s Government, and the visiting professors, lecturers, teachers of law and economics in the institutions of higher learning, committee members of the municipal and district People's Congress, CPPCC members and other industry leaders, which enables Guance to form a strong competitive advantage in the fields of legal service such as corporate legal risk management, investment, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy reorganization, company listing, intellectual property rights, administrative legal affairs, criminal defense, foreign investment, construction and real estate, and difficult and complicated civil and commercial litigation. 

Customer first, rigorous and pragmatic, teamwork and professional service are the highest service tenet of Guance Law Firm. To this end, Guance has established a customer service system that integrates service concepts, systems, models and methods with the basic elements of normalization, standardization, digitization and systemization, standardize the whole process of standard legal services and all aspects of lawyers' behavior, and integrate the specific activities of various legal services into systems through digitization and informatization. A number of professional teams with outstanding comprehensive capabilities can provide more professional, comprehensive, high-quality and efficient legal services for different types of customers at home and abroad.

Areas of expertise & fields of interest:

1. The company's comprehensive legal services. Over the years, focusing on the increasing demand for corporate legal services, Guance Law Firm has invested a lot of energy in researching the company's main business, management system, governance structure, and prevention of various legal risks of the company, forming many products that customers can use directly in major and routine operational management. Guance has served as a perennial legal counsel for a number of large companies such as TBEA Shenyang Transformer Group Co., Ltd. for more than 10 consecutive years, and provided examples of comprehensive legal risk prevention and control programs for Brilliance Auto Group, which fully embodies the advantages of Guance in the corporate comprehensive legal services. 

Main services: Establishment of limited liability company, establishment of company limited by shares; change of limited liability company into company limited by shares as a whole; establishment of partnership enterprise, equity transfer, share acquisition, company capital increase, company separation, corporation combination (merger, consolidation by merger, consolidation), company liquidation, business structure design and tax planning, participation in corporate strategic decision-making, corporate governance, family business governance, the development of articles of association (partnership agreement) and various internal systems, standardized operation of (general) stockholders' meeting, board of directors, board of supervisors and management, responsibilities of directors and senior management, protection of shareholders' equity, company equity structure design, partner system design, stock ownership incentives, including design of equity incentive system for management and employees, company permanent legal counsel, comprehensive legal risk management, legal risk management of a single business module or management module.

2. Legal services for mergers and acquisitions. Guance Law Firm has a team of professional lawyers in the field of corporate mergers and acquisitions, not only familiar with domestic and foreign laws, regulations, policies and procedures, but also providing comprehensive, high-quality and efficient professional legal services according to the actual needs of enterprises and the development prospects of the industry. Guance has played a leading role in many major corporate mergers and acquisitions, restructuring projects such as CDIG and Shanghai Pharma (A+H) reorganizing Liaoning Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Corporation, and Xiyang Group Co., Ltd. acquiring Shenyang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., and won the praise of customers with comprehensive, specific and accurate opinions.

Main services: Agent of law and business negotiations; put forward legal advices on the authorization and approval procedures required to perform the transaction; domestic legal environment investigation, risk assessment; issue legal advice according to the requirements of the client or the competent authority; consulting and design of trading solutions; put forward legal advices on the establishment; change and management of companies related to transactions; tax consultation and tax dispute resolution; assist companies or projects in financing; assist in the approval of government departments; legal due diligence, issuing due diligence reports; transaction execution and post-consolidation; review and drafting of transaction documents; M&A dispute resolution.

3. Legal services in securities and capital markets. Guance Law Firm has provided legal services of listing in China and refinancing for Liaoning Dajin Heavy Industry Limited by share Ltd., and has extensive experience in handling the listing of A shares, B shares, H shares, red chips, equity certificates and other stocks. After years of practice, Guance has established close cooperation with securities regulatory authorities, stock exchanges, famous investment banks auditing evaluation institutions at home and abroad and listed companies in many regions, and is able to provide clients with quality legal services.

Main services: Equity capital market, pre-IPO restructuring and reorganization, pre-IPO private placement, IPO at home and abroad, pre-IPO refinancing (including stocks, convertible bonds, bond depository receipts, REITs and other financing instruments), going public through buying a shell at home and abroad; acquisition, merger, separation of listed companies; restructuring, delisting and resumption of listing of major asset; separation and repurchase of shares of listed companies, governance structure of listed companies, management incentive plan and design of employee stock ownership plans, continued information disclosure after listing, establishment of securities investment funds and asset management, bond capital markets, corporation bonds, enterprise bonds, financial bonds, short-term financing bonds.

4. Intellectual property legal services. The lawyers of Guance Law Firm in the field of intellectual property have a strong legal foundation and rich experience. Many lawyers also have compound professional certification including lawyers, patent agent and trademark agent and is able to provide customers with integrated services such as intellectual property acquisition, management and rights protection, solve various complex challenges faced by customers and help customers maximize intellectual property benefits. Through the lawsuits such as Rhino Software, Inc. vs. Shenyang Shicheng (computer software copyright) and the exclusive right to use the trademark of Yingkou Xiaomi, Guance has established an advantageous position in the field of intellectual property.

Main services: Domestic and international applications for patents and trademarks (including related reexamination, objection, invalid procedures); intellectual property search and FTO analysis, legal risk assessment and prevention; intellectual property operation and portfolio management; pledge, licensing and transfer of rights; licensing trade negotiations, abuse of intellectual property rights and anti-monopoly investigations and handling; copyright registration, licensing, transfer, trade, protection and other legal matters; database and cloud computing and other innovative technology protection; screening, management and protection of business and technical secrets; domain name registration and network related registration, use, protection.

5. Administrative legal affairs services. In Guance Law Firm, a group of lawyers have always focused on the research and practice of administrative legal affairs, and led and successfully handled major and complicated historical issues such as “Dutch Village” and “Wolong Lake”. In the past three years, the legal affairs of the Shenyang Municipal People’s Government, which was handled by Guance Law Firm, has exceeded 350. The adoption rate of legal opinions or recommendations proposed by Guance exceeds 90%. Especially in the areas of administrative litigation, administrative compensation, real estate collection and compensation, and major administrative decision-making, Guance’s lawyers have great experience and outstanding performance, and can provide systematic, efficient and accurate legal services to customers.

Main services: Participate in the research and demonstration of legislative programs of administrative organ; put forward legality review opinions on legislative programs or important normative documents; put forward legality review opinions on major decisions made by administrative organs; put forward legality review opinions on major administrative actions such as administrative punishments and administrative enforcement measures taken by administrative organs; participate in major project negotiation and contract signing of administrative organs; participate in administrative litigation, administrative reconsideration and administrative compensation on behalf of administrative organ; put forward legal opinions on administrative organs handling social public events; filing of administrative lawsuit, application for administrative reconsideration, administrative compensation and expropriation compensation on behalf of administrative opposite party.

6. Criminal defense and agency legal services. The criminal legal service business is one of the traditional advantages of Guance Law Firm. Guance has successfully handled hundreds of criminal cases of innocence, immunity from criminal punishment and mitigation and lesser punishment. In recent years, in order to achieve the strategic goals of scale, specialization and integration, Guance has set up a criminal business team. Most criminal lawyers of Guance have master degree or above in criminal law and criminal procedure law with solid professional knowledge. Some lawyers also have rich experience in criminal justice work in public security bureaus, procuratorates, courts and other state organs, specializing in handling major, difficult and complicated criminal cases.

Main services: Act on behalf of the parties to report and sue the criminal case; act as the defender of criminal suspects and defendants in criminal proceedings in the stages of investigation, review, prosecution, trial and death penalty review; act on behalf of victims to participate in criminal proceedings and criminal incidental civil action; act on behalf of the parties to appeal in criminal cases and conduct other criminal-related legal activities; provide general and special criminal legal risk analysis and prevention and control for natural persons or units; participate in teaching and research of  criminal law in institutions of higher learning.

7. Legal services for corporate bankruptcy and restructuring. Guance Law Firm's research on bankruptcy and restructuring of the company has always been at the forefront of the business field. Guance has rich experience in the practice of separate or combined bankruptcy and restructuring of different types of enterprises such as foreign-invested enterprises, private enterprises and state-owned enterprises. The case of bankruptcy liquidation of 20 affiliated companies including Shenyang European-Asia Industrial Co., Ltd. which is led by Guance’s lawyers set a precedent that affiliates bankruptcy is applied by administrator and ruled by the People’s Court in the history of corporate bankruptcy in China, and is highly recognized by the Supreme People's Court.

Main services: Entrusted by the creditor or the debtor to investigate the financial situation of the debtor and propose solutions; act on behalf of the creditor or debtor to apply to the People’s Court for bankruptcy or reorganization; act on behalf of the creditor or shareholder to apply to the People’s Court for compulsory liquidation; act on behalf of the creditor to declare the creditor's rights; participate in the creditor’s meeting and bankruptcy derivative litigation and arbitration; act on behalf of the creditor to retrieve the property possessed by the debtor; entrusted by the company and the shareholder to act as the legal counsel of the liquidation group; designated by the People’s Court to serve as the manager of bankruptcy case and the liquidation group of the company compulsory liquidation case; other legal matters related to bankruptcy and restructuring.

8. Banking and financial legal services. For many years, Guance Law Firm has provided special or comprehensive legal services to several financial institutions in China, and has rich experience and extensive customer base in the financial field. Guance’s lawyers have a deep understanding and grasp of the laws, regulations and trading rules and practices in the financial field. With rich experience and broad vision, Guance help various banks, insurance companies, asset management companies, trust companies, finance companies and funds and other customers such as financial institutions and government departments to complete a large number of complex financial transactions, which have been highly recognized by customers.

Main services: Banking legal business, insurance legal business, trust legal business, financial leasing business, legal business of private equity and fund, internet finance business, asset securitization, disposition of non-performing asset, insurance business, financial derivatives business, bond business, legal business of securities, legal services of family office, litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution related to financial institutions and financial services.

9. Legal services of real estate and construction engineering. As a large-scale comprehensive law firm, Guance Law Firm has gathered a group of outstanding real estate professional lawyers, and has the advantage of quickly establishing a cross-business cooperation team, which can provide comprehensive legal services to customers in a timely and accurate manner. With a thorough understanding of all aspects of real estate, and the litigation and arbitration lawyers’ precise grasp of litigation and arbitration procedures, Guance can effectively protect the rights and interests of customers.

Main services: Bidding, auction, listing of land use rights for primary land development; project approval and establishment of project company; mergers and acquisitions and reorganization of project company; project acquisition and transfer; project financing (including domestic and foreign bank loans, PE, trusts, bonds, funds, listings, etc.); project bidding and tendering; project budget and settlement; real estate pre-sale, sales, transfer, leasing; investment attraction and property management; commercial real estate management; real estate investment trust (REITs); legal risk management for the whole process of real estate project development; litigation and arbitration for real estate and construction projects.

10. Legal services for labor and social security. Guance Law Firm has conducted in-depth research in the field of labor and social security, and has rich experience in assisting clients in establishing labor and human resource management systems and handling daily labor compliance and other matters, as well as dealing with various labor disputes in complex labor law environments. The regulations on labor and social security policies are inconsistent in various regions. The alliance agencies of Guance Law Firm throughout the country can well meet the requirements of customers for the timeliness, accuracy, operability and consistency of labor legal services.

Main services: Review and revision of labor and personnel compliance of enterprises; formulate labor rules and regulations; formulate agreement documents related to labor and personnel management; provide solutions for employee relations during enterprise restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, separation and liquidation; formulate social insurance, housing provident fund and welfare treatment programs; provide employment-related services for foreigners in China; assist enterprises in setting up trade unions and employee congresses; participate in collective bargaining; sign collective contracts; participate in mediation; act as an agent in arbitration and litigation of  labor disputes and personnel disputes; provide training related to the Labor Law.

11. Legal services for marriage and inheritance. Guance Law Firm has a deep understanding of the truth that the family is the cell of society and the harmonious family relationship is the foundation of social harmony. For a long time, Guance’s professional lawyers have conducted in-depth and extensive research on the field of marriage and inheritance, and have accumulated rich practical experience by handling hundreds of cases each year. In dealing with the marriage succession business, Guance has formed a distinctive style of handling cases that mainly focusing on propitiation in compliance and beforehand prevention, and supplemented by litigation disputes. Over the years, Guance has successfully solved a large number of difficult and complicated marriage and inheritance disputes and effectively safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of the parties.

Main services: Legal consultation for marriage and inheritance; draft and witness pre-marital and marital property agreements; spouse or couple property survey; split common marital property; draft divorce agreement; participate in divorce negotiation; act as an agent for divorce lawsuit or lawsuits of confirming the invalidity of marriage and dividing property; act as an agent in litigation of child support and visit; act as an agent for writing will; witness and execute holograph will; inheritance investigation; draft inheritance agreement; act as an agent for litigation and enforcement of inheritance; family personal legal counsel.

12. Legal services for civil and commercial litigation and arbitration. The litigation and arbitration team of Guance Law Firm has rich experience in litigation, arbitration, enforcement and other cases, and has successfully dealt with many major and difficult cases with broad social impact for many domestic and foreign clients. In particular, the case of personal injury compensation for railway accident (the injured party vs. the National Railway Administration) ended the compensation system for personal injury caused by railway accidents in China that has been implemented for nearly 30 years, and urged the Supreme People's Court to make judicial interpretations and to unify and standardize issues such as case jurisdiction, doctrine of liability fixation and compensation principle, which marked an important milestone in the history of legal system construction in China. In the long-term practice, Guance’s lawyers have won high praise from domestic and foreign customers for their excellent language skills, communication skills, professionalism, professional ethics and efficient teamwork.

Main services: All kinds of civil and commercial legal consultation; draft, revise and review contracts; entrusted by the parties to prosecute, apply for arbitration and plan responses to suits; act as an agent of a party to file a lawsuit and apply for arbitration; act as an agent for a party to apply for property preservation; act as an agent for a party to participate in the hearing of court or arbitral tribunal; act as an agent for a party to apply to enforce the legal documents in force (including the recognition and enforcement of the judgment and arbitral award of foreign court in China); serve as a perennial or special legal counsel for citizens, legal persons or other organizations; provide citizens, legal persons or other organizations with legal training.

Representative cases:

1. In the case of the disputes over sales contract between Shenyang Railway Industry Group Co., Ltd. and Bengang Jufeng Development Co., Ltd., Guance Law Firm successfully recovered the loan of 7 million Yuan for Shenyang Railway Industry Group Co., Ltd.

2. Guance Law Firm acted as the attorney of Dalian High-tech Wanda Plaza Investment Co., Ltd. in the case of disputes over loan contract against Bank of China with a subject amount of 780 million Yuan. The defendants in this case were up to 27. The case is currently under first- instance trial in the High People’s Court of Liaoning province.

3. Guance Law Firm acted as the attorney of Dalian High-tech Wanda Plaza Investment Co., Ltd. in the case of disputes over loan contract against China Guangfa Bank and won the lawsuit. The Court rejected the claim of Guangfa Bank for Dalian High-tech Wanda Plaza Investment Co., Ltd. for 65 million Yuan.

4. Guance Law Firm acted as the attorney of Liao Guojian in the case of the disputes over project construction contract against Xingming Real Estate Co., Ltd. In the case of Liao Guojian as the defendant, we decisively suggested that Liao Guojian instituted a counterclaim, and finally the Court rejected the claim of Xingming Real Estate Co., Ltd. and ruled that Xingming Real Estate Co., Ltd shall pay more than 16 million Yuan and interest to Liao Guojian.

5. Guance Law Firm acted as the attorney of Huasheng Construction Group Co., Ltd. in the case of disputes over project construction contract against Shenyang Huatai Zhongdu Real Estate Co., Ltd., and won the lawsuit with professional practical experience of engineering appraisal, and finally the Court supported the claim of Huasheng Construction Group Co., Ltd. of more than 11.94 million Yuan.

6. Guance Law Firm acted as the attorney of Liao Guojian in the case of disputes over project construction contract against Kairong Real Estate Co., Ltd. In the case of Liao Guojian as the defendant, we decisively suggested that Liao Guojian instituted a counterclaim, and finally the Court supported Liao Guojian’s counterclaim and ruled that Kairong Real Estate Co., Ltd. shall pay more than 9 million Yuan to Liao Guojian.

7. Guance Law Firm acted as the attorney of Shenyang Wanda in the case of disputes over real right protection against a property owners committee and won the lawsuit. The Court rejected the claim of a property owners committee to provide more than 400 square meters of housing, and avoided the losses of more than 4 million Yuan for Shenyang Wanda.

8. Guance Law Firm acted as the attorney of Shenyang Wanda in the case of disputes over commodity house sales contract against Mr./Mrs. Wang and won the lawsuit. The Court rejected Mr./Mrs. Wang’s claim for cancelling the commercial housing sales contract, which avoided losses of more than 3 million Yuan for Shenyang Wanda.

9. Guance Law Firm acted as the attorney of Shenyang Haohua Real Estate Co., Ltd. in the case of disputes over the commercial housing sales contract and won the case. The Court rejected the claim of the opposite party for a large amount of overdue payment of liquidated damages and recovered the losses of 1.75 million Yuan.

10. Guance Law Firm acted as the attorney of Shenyang Wanda Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. in the case accepted by the Beijing Arbitration Commission, and made full use of the legal provisions and contract flaws to force the opposite party to reconcile and recover economic losses of more than 3.3 million Yuan.

11. Guance Law Firm acted as the attorney of Shenyang Haohua Real Estate Co., Ltd. in the series cases of disputes over project construction contract with eight actual constructers, and actively sought legal rights for Shenyang Haohua Real Estate Co., Ltd. Guance Law Firm appealed that Shenyang Haohua Real Estate Co., Ltd. shall assume the payment responsibility within the scope of the due project payment and won the case. Finally, the court of second instance change the original sentence that Shenyang Haohua Real Estate Co., Ltd. shall assume unlimited joint and several liability to assume the payment responsibility within the scope of the due project payment, avoiding additional losses of more than 1.2 million Yuan for Shenyang Haohua Real Estate Co., Ltd.

12. Guance Law Firm acted as the attorney of China Railway No. 9 Group Co., Ltd. in the case of disputes over property damage compensation against Panjin Tianji. The first-instance judgment is that China Railway No. 9 Group Co., Ltd. shall compensate Panjin Tianji for more than 900,000 Yuan. In the second trial, Guance strived for a satisfactory settlement for the China Railway No. 9 Group Co., Ltd. through litigation strategy.

13. Guance Law Firm acted as the attorney of Shenyang Wanda Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. in a case of property damage disputes. By obtaining evidence from various aspects, the Court finally adopted our evidence and we successfully disproved the opposite party's false statement, avoiding economic losses of nearly 400,000 Yuan.

14. Guance Law Firm acted as the attorney of Shenyang Huaqiang Construction Group Co., Ltd. to handle nearly 100 cases of disputes over commercial house sales contract, reducing the losses of nearly one million Yuan for Shenyang Huaqiang Construction Group Co., Ltd.

15. Guance Law Firm acted as the attorney of Shenyang Haohua Real Estate Co., Ltd. in the case of the disputes over project construction contract against Liaoning International Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. In order to solve the problem of legal delivery of the project involved in the case, we proposed to replace the completion acceptance filing information with reliability appraisal report issued based on the basic and main structure of the project involved in the case and won the lawsuit. Finally the Court supported the request of Shenyang Haohua Real Estate Co., Ltd. Based on the effective judgment and the reliability appraisal report of the basic and main structure of the project involved in the case, Shenyang Haohua Real Estate Co., Ltd. successfully obtained the completion acceptance certificate for the project involved in the case.

16. Guance Law Firm acted as the attorney of Shenyang Langqin Real Estate Co., Ltd. in the case of disputes over the neighboring relationship in the underground space of Taiyuan Street business district and won the lawsuit. We cooperated with the enforcement department of the Court to dispatch judges and police forces more than 50 times. The judgment was successfully executed and the legitimate rights and interests of the parties were safeguarded, and the public order of the underground space in the Taiyuan Street business district was maintained.

17. Guance Law Firm acted as the attorney of Shenyang Railway Administration Catering Service Section in the case of the disputes over labor relations management situation after Lin Yi’s internal retired employees were cleared, and won the lawsuit. The case is about whether the internal Retirement Certificate issued by a state-owned enterprise in the last century is effective. Due to the imperfect legal provisions and the urgency of policy implementation, many employees who do not meet the conditions of retirement, resignation or “retain post without payment” also went through the formalities of retirement, resignation or “retain post without payment”. In the end, according to the regulations and departmental rules successively issued by the State Council and the Ministry of Labor (now the Ministry of Labor and Social Security) to clear the staff who did not meet the conditions of retirement and resignation, we won the lawsuit and safeguarded the interests of the company.

18. Guance Law Firm acted as the attorney of Shenyang Xintong Automobile Sales and Service Co., Ltd. in the case of disputes over Zhang Peikai’s work-related injury certification and work-related injury identification. As a professional lawyer, Guance shall fully understand the facts of the case, and as an agent, Guance shall inform that the identification of work-related injury level is wrong and is necessarily to be corrected. Even in the event of a work-related accident, the company has been cancelled; we can also protect the rights through other procedures, and cannot accommodate the party to arbitrarily conduct litigation. Ultimately, we safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of the party and won the lawsuit.

19. Guance Law Firm acted as the attorney of Yingkou Wanda Plaza Investment Co., Ltd. in the case of disputes over the unilaterally exercise of the right to terminate labor contracts by the laborer Zhao Lin. The unilateral exercise of the right of rescission by the laborer is the unilateral right granted to the laborer by the Labor Contract Law, which was implemented in 2008. Such case is a new business challenge for lawyers. Guance’s lawyers clearly recognized that this type of case does not apply to the inversion of presenting evidence of the employer, and ultimately won the lawsuit, ensuring the good operation of the personnel management of the enterprise and safeguarding the rights and interests of the party.

20. Duty crime cases: The corruption case of Suspect Mr./Ms. Li (not guilty), the head of a large state-owned enterprise; the bribery case of Suspect Mr./Ms. Jiang (not guilty), the middle-level officer of a large state-owned enterprise; the bribery case of a large state-owned enterprise (not guilty) (Liaoning serious bribery case); the bribery case of Suspect Mr./Ms. Sun (exemption from criminal punishment), the deputy director of a Land Bureau of Shenyang; the malpractice case of Suspect Mr./Ms. Lu (exemption from criminal punishment), the director of a Construction Bureau in Shenyang; the malpractice case of Suspect Mr./Ms. Liu (exemption from criminal punishment) , the director of the municipal office of a Construction Bureau in Shenyang; the cases of corruption, bribery, embezzlement of public funds of Suspect Mr./Ms. Hou (mitigation of punishment), the executive vice president of a large-scale state-owned enterprise; the corruption, bribery case of Suspect Mr./Ms. Guan (mitigation of punishment), the director of a Land Bureau.

21. Economic crimes cases: The case of Suspect Mr./Ms. Sun (not guilty) smuggling ordinary goods, articles; the fraud case of Suspect Mr./Ms. Mei (not guilty); the cases of fraudulent fundraising, illegal absorption of public deposits, illegal business (special case of Public Security Department of Liaoning Province) of Suspect Mr./Ms. Bai (partially innocent) from Zhonggang company; the case of falsifying financial instruments by Suspect Mr./Ms. Chen, the President of European-Asia Agriculture (special case of the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection); the cases of smuggling ordinary goods, articles by Suspect Mr./Ms. Zhao (the largest case of smuggling frozen food in China); the contract fraud case of (10.11 special case of Public Security Department of Liaoning Province) by Suspect Mr./Ms. Wang from Yilishen.

22. Cases of crimes involving mafia-like gangs: The case of Suspects Mr./Ms. Song and Mr./Ms. Nie, the leader of the mafia-like gang of Shenyang, organizing, leading and participating in the crimes committed by the  mafia-like gang (special case of Public Security Department of Liaoning Province); the case of Suspect Mr./Ms. Dong, the leader of mafia-like gang of Shenyang, organizing, leading and participating in the crimes committed by the  mafia-like gang (special Dalian, organizing, leading and participating in crimes committed by the  mafia-like gang (special case of Public Security Department of Liaoning Province).

23. Cases of foreign-related crimes: The case of the Japanese Suspect Mr./Ms. Wang smuggling precious animal products; the fraud case of Suspect Mr./Ms. Wu from China Hong Kong; the gambling case of Suspect Mr./Ms. Guo from China Taiwan.

24. Other criminal cases: The intentional homicide case of Suspect Mr./Ms. Li (not guilty); the intentional injury case of Suspect Mr./Ms. Liu (not guilty); the case of selling and transporting drugs by Suspect Mr./Ms. Chen (withdrawal of prosecution); the case of selling and transporting drugs by Suspect Mr./Ms. Zhu (the death penalty was changed to stay of execution)


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