The team

Employees at our Firm are professionals in the field of law who apply their experience and talent in both consultancy and legislative, scientific and educational activities, of whom a range have academic degrees, who are professionals, senior lecturers and representatives of the best educational institutions of the country.


“Avelan” is among the top law firms of Russia in the sphere of arbitration and civil proceedings, commercial real estate and construction according to the version of the most reputed legal portal of the country “” and publisher “Kommersant” across 2014-2017.

Publications in the media

Lawyers at “Avelan” are authors of publications and commentaries in such leading Russian publishers as: Vedomosti, Kommersant Publishing House, PBC Media Group, Expert Publishing House, EZh-Yurist,, Business FM, etc. The firm runs a corporative blog on the main legal internet portals of the country “” and “”.


The firm regularly publishes books on various legal issues. A range of them were released by Russia’s largest media outlet “Rossiskaya gazeta”. The books are of great interest to legal and business communities and are sold in all shops across the country, always receiving positive reviews.


From 2006, lawyers at “Avelan” have participated in the preparation of legislative proposals, projects of the Decrees of the President of the Russian Federation, Decrees of the Government of the Russian Federation within the framework of interagency and other working groups, conciliation commissions, carrying out the examination of draft bills on request from relevant committees of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.


The firm holds seminars, round-table events, conferences on current and important legal issues. In 2018, our firm together with the School of Law “Statut” created the project “Sklovsky workshop” in the framework of which a leading Russian academic, professor, doctor of Law, a partner from Law Firm “Avelan” Sklovsky K.I. together with the invited “stars” of Russian jurisprudence share with the lawyers their experience, knowledge as well as their latest scientific and legal developments in the area of private law.


Law firm “Avelan” is the founder of the Section of Legal Work of the Union of Chinese Entrepreneurs in Russia, including having active membership in the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

AVELAN Law firm provides legal assistance to foreign companies within the Russian Federation in the following areas:

Incorporation of foreign companies in Russia:

• advising on form of business organization of foreign company’s footprint in Russia;

• consulting on tax law and other legal issues;

• opening and registration of an affiliated/representative office of a foreign company;

• incorporation of Russian legal entities with foreign participation;

• assistance in opening of bank accounts;

• registration with a tax authority;

• establishing the accounting statements;

• contract development;

• assistance in acquisition of license.

Legal support of company’s business activities:

• support of company’s operational activities for compliance with civil, corporate, labour and other legislation;

• development of document management system with respect to specifics of the company's operation, controlling its observance in the operational activities;

• legal review of in-house documentation and other customer’s contracts;

• legal support of the company's interaction with public authorities;

Corporate and financial consulting:

• legal support for separate business processes in various sectors, in particular with the creation of holding structures or increasing of management efficiency, merger/acquisition transactions, business restructurisation (including the holding management: budgeting of reporting entity, fiscal control);

• legal support of investment projects, legal and corporate risk assessments of venture and other projects, corporate conflict resolution, property dispute resolutions, protection against corporate raiding and greenmail;

• analysis, development and legal support of M&A deals;

• business restructurisation and corporate management.


·  representation of interests of the client in arbitrationand mediation courts, courts of general jurisdiction;

·   formulation of strategy and legal proposition for positive dispute settlement by judicial and extrajudicial procedures;

·   participation and assistance in negotiations with the purpose of reaching of agreement of the parties in disputable or conflict situations (mediation).

Legal support of real estate and construction projects:

• structuring and full legal support of real estate transactions and other dealings of varying degrees of complexity including transactions with application of standard FIDIC contract forms and transactions in foreign jurisdictions (JVA, SPA, etc.);

• conducting legal due diligence of the facilities and investment projects;

• support for resolving land and property issues, including those associated with the land grant or concession, participation in tenders, registering title, land survey works, changing of land designation etc.;

• support in resolution of urban planning issues including legal support for the development of urban planning documentation, revision of permitted use of land plots, drawing up and obtaining urban development plan and enabling documentation etc.;

• legal support of finance operation and real estate object's implementation (sale, lease etc.);

• working on housing and other questions concerning individual person’s property.

Professional legal support in specialized spheres of business

·  legal support for professional participants of securities market, activity of financial/credit organizations;

·  legal support of leasing activity, developers activity, activity of insurance companies;

·  legal support in the sphere of electric and heat energy market (delivery, power supply, networking, issues of functioning of electric and heating energy market);

·  servicing of the companies working in the sphere of oil extraction and oil refining, metallurgy;

·  privatization of state and municipal property etc.


The experience and competence of AVELAN Law firm’s lawyers will help you establish a successful business in Russia!

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