Guangdong Nantianming Law Firm was established in 1995.

Granted the 42nd registered trademark and committed to building the legal service brand of Nantianming in 2001.

Rated as National Excellent Law Firm in October 2008.

Named in the circulated Notice of Commendation issued by the Ministry of Justice of China in 2012

Became a partner of the Guangdong Equity Exchange in 2013

Set up the Guangzhou Branch on the 28th floor of Fuli Yingkai Plaza, Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou City in July 2016.

Set up the Shunde Branch on the 17th floor of Hengji International Finance Building, Shunde District, Foshan City in February 2018.

Joined the Elite Global Legal Alliance (EGLA) in May 2018.

The Firm, staffed with about 160 employees and divided into the Department of Finance and Listing, the Department of Tax Law, the Department of Corporate Law, the Department of Wealth Inheritance, the Department of Intellectual Property, the Department of Real Estate, the Department of Civil and Commercial Affairs, the Department of Criminal Affairs, and the Department of Non-Prosecution, is one of the largest and most influential law firms in Foshan.  Nantianming adheres to division of labor based on professional fields, teamwork based cooperation and integrated management and it is committed to providing professional, high-quality and efficient legal services to clients.

Areas of expertise & fields of interest:

Securities and capital markets, Real estate and after-sales services, Tax law services, Corporate Law services, Family wealth inheritance, Intellectual property rights, Bankruptcy liquidation, Government legal services, Civil and commercial legal services, and Criminal legal services

Real estate, Manufacturing (textile, shoemaking, furniture manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, aluminum profiles, hardware, equipment manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, household appliances, comprehensive utilization of waste resources), construction, accommodation and dining, education, transportation, software, agriculture (flower and plants)

Providing legal services for Saturday Co., Ltd. (listed) as to the issuance of bonds and debentures;

Providing comprehensive legal services for Yizumi (listed);

Providing special legal services for Wencan Die Casting (listed);

Providing legal services for the Statistics Bureau of Guangdong Province;

Providing counsel services for the Standing Committee of Nanhai District People’s Congress of Foshan City;

Providing counsel services for Nanhai Wanda Plaza Co., Ltd.;

Providing special mediation services for the mass contract dispute case of Liri Plaza;

Providing special legal services for Guangdong Weber Electric Appliances Co., Ltd.;

Providing legal services for Superband Corporation’s criminal charges;

Represented Shengxiong Wangfu Company in civil litigation.

Rated as the Advanced Collective of Legal Aid Work in Foshan City by the People’s Government of Foshan City in 2007.

Rated as the National Excellent Law Firm by the All China Lawyers Association in 2008.

Rated as the National Outstanding Law Firm of Resolution of Social Conflicts, Maintenance of Harmony and Stability by the Ministry of Justice in 2012.

Rated as the Excellent Provider of Enterprise Services jointly by the SME Bureau of Guangdong Province and the Nanhai District Government of Foshan City in 2012.

Rated as the Advanced Collective as Legal Counsel to Villages (Communities) by Guangdong Lawyers Association in 2016.

Its party branch was rated as the Advanced Community-level Party Organization of the Lawyers Industry in the Province by the CPC Committee of Guangdong Lawyers Association in 2018




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