Anhui Zhihao Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as “Zhihao”), established in 2002, is a comprehensive institution for legal services. Zhihao is located inFuyang City, which is in the northeast of Anhui Province and is integrated into the Henan-Anhui Urban Agglomeration and the East China Economic Circle. Besides, Fuyang has the Beijing-Kowloon Railway traversed the whole city and headquarters the FuyangXiguang Airport which is one of the earliest civil airport in Anhui Province. In addition, as one of the three major national high-speed hub center in Anhui Province, Fuyangwas listed among the key cities under the development planning of the Central Henan Urban Agglomeration and the National-Regional Central Cities in 2016.
Zhihaoalways adheres to the practice philosophy of “Sincerity, Dedication, Persistence, Teamwork, Profession and Innovation”, and its spirit can be aptly worded as “Striving in the Present, Aspiring to the Future”. As it well-puts “A person does not stand without trust, and a law firm without integrity cannot be sustained”, sincerity is the common discretion in performance and the professional standard for all the staffs of Zhihao. In this regard, Zhihao has developed into a law firm with high-quality personnel, strong professional ability and clear division of labor, as well as scientific and standardized management, making it a model in the lawyer industry of Fuyang.
Zhihao is always committed to the leadership of the Party, adhering to promoting the upgrading of law firm with party building and boosting the practice businesses with party affairs, and takes it as its party branch’s priority to encourage its excellent lawyers to join the Party. Zhihao always puts emphasis on attracting talents with good moral qualities and competent abilities, and has built a professional team with reasonable age structure, high educational level and rich theoretical research and practical operation. Up to now, Zhihao has been staffed with 24 full-time attorneys and one part-time attorney, one of which with a PhD’s degree and two of which with a Master’s degree. Zhihao lawyers has also provided high-quality and efficient legal services for lots of clients by virtue of their solid legal knowledges, adept professional skills, rich practicing experience and moral excellence. 


Legal services involving party and governmentalorganizations or departments;
Construction & real estate;
Criminal law;
Corporate& commercial law;
Finance & insurance;
Corporate bankruptcy liquidation & reorganization;
Intellectual property;
Tort damage &compensation.

Fuyang Municipal Party Committee
FuyangMunicipal People’s Government
Administrative Committee of Fuyang Economic-Technologic Development Zone
People’s Government of Yingzhou District, Fuyang
Fuyang Municipal Tax Service, State Taxation Administration
Fuyang Administration for Industry & Commerce
YingzhouDistrict Tax Service of Fuyang, State Taxation Administration
YingdongDistrict Tax Service of Fuyang, State Taxation Administration
Yingzhou District Management & Enforcement Execution Bureau of Fuyang
Yingzhou District Housing Security Bureau of Fuyang
Anhui Sunriver Culture & Tourism Investment Co., Ltd

Anhui Hairong Real Estate Co., Ltd
Anhui Hisense Real Estate Co., Ltd
Anhui Hengfeng Real Estate Co., Ltd
FuyangGuangcheng Real Estate Co., Ltd
FuyangZhedong Real Estate Co., Ltd
Anhui Jinwei Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd
Yingquan Rural Commercial Bank of Fuyang


2008—2010“Excellent Law Firms” by the JudicialBureau of Fuyang Municipal People’sGovernment and Fuyang Lawyers Association (for three successive years)

2012“Five-star Law Firms”by the Judicial Bureau of Fuyang Municipal People’s Government andFuyang Lawyers Association
2013 “Provincial Excellent Law Firm”by Anhui Lawyers Association
2014“Top 50 Provincial Law Firms” by the Department of Justice of Anhui Provincial People’s Government
2016 “Top 50 Provincial Law Firms” by the Department of Justice of Anhui Provincial People’s Government
2016 “National Model Unit for Legal Aid” by the Ministry of Justice of China
2017 “Model Unitfor Legal, Honest and Standardized Practice” by the Department of Justice of Anhui Provincial People’s Government
2018 “Top 10 Municipal Law Firms” by Fuyang Lawyers Association

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