Profile of the Law Firm:

Xinjiang Y&S Law Firm, headquartered in Urumqi, western China and having branch offices in major prefectures in northern and northern Xinjiang, has made some achievements and exerted great social influence in the central and western regions. It is a strong local player of comprehensive business capability in Xinjiang. The Firm, based on integrated high-end and complex legal services strive to expand the whole process and dispute legal services for the projects of the countries alongside the Belt and Road Initiative and the foreign investment companies, so as to build a platform of comprehensive legal services for international investors. The Firm possesses many professional qualifications such as the membership of the National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors, and it has made it to the List of Administrators for the Trial of Enterprise Bankruptcy Cases by the Higher People’s Court of Uygur Autonomous Region of Xinjiang and received the qualification of Class A bankruptcy administrator.
Xinjiang Y&S Law Firm is combination of two major firm brands in Xinjiang, Xinjiang Yuanzheng Law Firm and Xinjiang Shengye Law Firm, the two of which were rated as the National Outstanding Law Firm by All China Lawyers Association in 2008 and 2011 respectively, and awarded many other honorary titles by the Department of Justice of the Autonomous Region and Xinjiang Lawyers Association. They are two of the few that have survived more than 20 years in the region. The former head of Yuanzheng, Mr. Guan Yong and that of Shengye, Mr. Geng Baojian, were both awarded the title of National Excellent Lawyer by All China Lawyers Association.
Since its consolidation and establishment, the Firm has been implementing integrated operation management and has formed an effective mechanism for multi-firm linkage, knowledge sharing, business intensification and integrated management to serves all types of clients in a comprehensive, efficient and scrupulous manner. It will rely on the along the economic belts at the northern and southern feet of Mount Tianshan, aim at professional legal services, mainly grab at the productization of the foreign-related legal offerings to the country along the Belt and Road Initiative, and devote itself into the development of a comprehensive international law firm integrating professionalized business, service branding, management refinement and workflow systemization.
Xinjiang Y&S Law Firm, staffed nearly 150 lawyers and workers and headquartered at Yinhe Caizhi Center, 88 Yanshan Street, Urumqi Economic and Technological Development Zone, owns 19th and 20th floors of the 5A office building which have an overall area of about 3,000 square meters and minimalistic, elegant and unique interior, ranking top among the five northwest provinces. Many members of the team are theoretically knowledgeable and practically experienced in complex litigation, government legal consultancy, corporate restructuring, corporate bankruptcy reorganization and liquidation, company listing, merger and restructuring, finance & securities, investment and banking, finance & taxation, international law, international economic law and many other fields., and many of them are professors or other position holders of the National Law School, Xinjiang University, Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics, Xinjiang Lawyers Association and related industry associations.
Areas of expertise & fields of interest:

As a well managed and publicly reputed law firm, it is widely appreciated by its clients for its efficient and superior legal services, scientific and standardized management policies, favorable social recognition and refined practice attitude with which it has created remarkable economic benefits and extensive social benefits for clients from all walks of life. In order to provide quality services to all types of clients in a comprehensive and efficient manner, the Firm has established six professional committees basically covering all the practicing fields according to the classification of business and the nature of work:

(1) Committee of Government Legal Services

A number of famous domestic law firms jointly launched the establishment National Government Legal Service Alliance in 2016 with an view of providing quality professional services to local governments at all levels. Before the merger of Yuanzheng and Shengye, as the founding members of the Alliance they have made contribution to the development and expansion of the Alliance, developed a fruitful working model for government legal service and marketed and promoted the reproducible productized model. In particular, it pioneered the service model of “intermediated petition” to effectively link government petition work with professional lawyer services, for which it receives universal appraisal throughout the country! After its establishment, Y&S Law Firm, all the more committed to the research and exploration in the business field of government legal services, has formed a professional team mainly consisting of practicing lawyers in such field to provide superior, efficient and professional services in respect of administrative legislation and major decisions of government authorities, disclosure of government information, centralized procurement, environmental protection, land acquisition and demolition, maintenance of social stability, major petition events, public emergencies, administrative mediation, administrative reconsideration, administrative litigation disputes, as well as precision poverty alleviation, investment promotion, rural revitalization, top-level design of state-owned enterprises, etc. and by doing so, they have been playing a key role in the risk control of government decision-making.
Y&S Law Firm has served as legal counsel to a number of the autonomous region-level organs and department- and bureau-level organs of several municipalities(prefectures), counties (urban areas) and the corps system, and during its service, it helped local governments and state-owned enterprises with more than a hundred successful cases by resolving major risks and acquired a wealth of practical experience therefrom.

(2) Litigation Committee

As one of the comprehensive local brands in Xinjiang which are a handful, Y&S Law Firm, always placing litigation as the foundation of law practice, has set up the Litigation Committee staffed with capable hands to dig into various types of litigation business so as to have appropriate professionals in the fields of criminal cases, civil and commercial affairs, administration, finance, real estate construction, corporate, personal infringement, marriage and family etc.
To approach specific tasks of the litigation business, the Firm has created an operation mode of litigation consultant + trial litigation for litigation refinement, and increased the efforts towards the setup of special litigation teams which, under departmental coordination of litigation business, are further divided into criminal litigation, administrative litigation, high-end commercial affair, civil dispute, international dispute and other professional teams designed to provide clients with high-end refined litigation services. To deal with various clients, the Firm always adheres to the tenet of “client interests first” to develop a lawyer team “good at business, thinking, research, and hard work” which, after years of accumulation of cases and tempering ,has turned into a professional force capable of fighting tough battles, keeping abreast of times and going further beyond.

(3) Committee of Corporate Legal Affairs

The Committee of Corporate Legal Affairs of Xinjiang Y&S Law Firm is composed of several lawyers who have engaged in the legal business of corporate affairs for years and posses rich professional knowledge, exquisite practice skills and years of experience enabling them to provide advice on the production and operation and orderly development of enterprises, make a name of efficiency, professionalism and due diligence and garner a broad, long-lasting and stable client base of mid- to high-end companies.
The Committee is dedicated to providing special legal services and perennial legal services, mainly including legal services for company establishment, equity transfer, design of corporate governance structure, capital increase/decrease, company spin-off and merger, company dissolution, liquidation, asset restructuring, bankruptcy restructuring and liquidation and other legal services where it assists companies in establishing rules and regulations, standardizing contract management; provides legal and reasonable solution to circumvent legal risks; makes specific plans for special operations such as equity acquisition, asset acquisition, equity transfer, and debt-to-equity swap; renders whole-process legal services for financing of listed companies; and develops company termination, dissolution, general liquidation and bankruptcy liquidation plans.

(4) Committee of Real Estate Legal Services

Based on realty, construction project, infrastructure and other real estate industries inside and outside the region, the Committee of Real Estate Legal Services of Y&S, with professionalism and dedication as its tenet in mind, conducts business development and cooperation in a multi-faceted and multi-channel manner, gives full play to its professional advantages and establishes itself on the special superior and satisfactory services for various types of consultancy clients in the field of real estate, so as to excel at litigation and non-litigation businesses related to the real estate industry, expand and strengthen the cooperation with other committees in various fields.
The Committee of Real Estate Legal Services mainly focuses on construction projects and real estate infrastructure to provide special services such as legal consultancy, non-litigation and litigation involving the construction, sale, lease, use, property management, finance, renovation and the assignment and transfer of land use rights of houses and land. The Committee is one of the few business units in Xinjiang that is capable of providing whole-process, holistic, full-industry chain legal services in respect of construction and real estate for government authorities, owners, developers, construction companies and other clients and that boasts a team of professional lawyers with strong expertise in real estate and construction projects, many of who are industry leaders active in the forefront of the business and held in high regard and trusted by clients. Many members of the Committee handled a large number of difficult and complicated cases of disputes over real estate and construction project contracts tried by the Supreme People’s Court, the Higher People’s Court of the Autonomous Region and other people’s courts at or above the provincial level. The Committee always stays at the forefront of the industry to offer quality and efficient legal services to many clients in and outside Xinjiang.

(5) Financial Securities Committee

 Financial Securities Committee of Yuanzheng extends its coverage mainly to the business of equity capital market (including but not limited to the domestic listing, listing at the National Equities Exchange and Quotations; the listing at regional equity market; the refinancing of public and listed companies; the compliance management and corporate governance of public and listed companies); the bond market business (including, but not limited to enterprise bonds, corporate bonds, special government bonds); asset securitization business (asset securitization scheme and transaction structuring, legal opinion in projects, assistance with the filing of projects with regulatory authorities for review, etc.); investment and financing of private equity fund (including but not limited to the establishment and internal governance of private equity funds and fund management companies, foreign investment and disinvestment of private equity funds, follow-up filing and investment & financing transactions of private equity funds, etc.); investment & financing of PPP projects (including but not limited to the full-process legal review of the projects, investment and financing plan design for the projects, etc.); management of receivables.
The Committee has helped dozens of enterprises in Xinjiang with listing in the National Equities Exchange and Quotations, and has been providing perennial legal consultancy services for listed companies and serving as the provider of bank storage services. As a member of the National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors, Xinjiang Y&S Law Firm has provided bond issuance services for several state-owned enterprises and special legal services in respect of the issuance of bonds of Shanty Towns Renovation, bonds of land reserve, bonds of highway toll, and bonds of project revenue to various government authorities.  Many lawyers of the firm have the qualifications to practice in the fund business and serve as independent directors of listed companies.

New Business Research Center

To give full play to the professional advantages of an integrated law firm, pool all the professional brains it has to study and identify the new situation, new environment of the market so as to meet new client needs for legal services in a timely manner, Xinjiang Y&S Law Firm has set up a new business research center with an aim to judge the expanding demand of the current market for legal services and try to, through studying macro policies and grasping the micro market environment, intervene in the constantly emerging new opportunities and new problems in the regional market as well as the conjunction point between the related trades and industries and legal offerings in ahead of its peers, and from the perspective of the origins of client decision-making, judge, analyze and put forward scientific, reasonable, legitimate legal advice and provide professional services enabling clients to make right market choices or decisions. At the same time, based on regular legal services, the Firm provides R&D support to the exploration of special business, extension of legal service products, development and promotion of new business, exploration and deepening of foreign business in attempt to work with clients in handling various legal issues in the market through specialization, standardization, and refined special legal services.
Many professional lawyers in this business unit are capable of performing multi-disciplinary legal services, gaining acute insight into the industry market, discovering and capturing new situations and new issues in new business areas, and making objective and effective solutions. In 2018, the unit completed the whole-process consulting services for 10 PPP projects (including project feasibility study, financial modeling and other whole process tasks), participated in the refunding and liquidation of the 5 PPP projects; masterminded the operation of two commercial entities; established a government-led funding project; masterminded and engaged in the negotiation of a project investment plan; and discussed and represented many foreign-related legal services. The new business research center not only provides necessary support for the comprehensive and orderly development of every business of the Firm, but also leads the diversified and systematic development of the local lawyer profession to provide clients with integrated, full and in-place legal services!

Representative cases:

Xinjiang Y&S Law Firm attaches importance to market development and client maintenance, after years of efforts, it now has garnered a broad, stable and high-level client base on which it provides many government authorities, institutions, state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises, private enterprises, financial institutions and multinational (group) companies with a full range of diversified legal offerings. The legal consultancy services cover but are not limited to:
1. Departmental organs at Autonomous Region level:
Office of the People’s Government of the Autonomous Region
Commission of Economy and Information Technology of the Autonomous Region
Transport Department of the Autonomous Region
Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the Autonomous Region
Forestry Department of the Autonomous Region
Tourism Bureau of the Autonomous Region
Department of Water Resources of the Autonomous Region
Tax Inspection Bureau of the Autonomous Region
Communications Construction Bureau of the Autonomous Region
Highway Bureau of the Autonomous Region
Coal Management Bureau of the Autonomous Region
Law Enforcement Corps of the Land and Resources Department of the Autonomous Region
Road and Marine Administration of the Autonomous Region
2. Administrative organizations subordinate to Urumqi Municipality
Urban Administration Committee of Urumqi Municipality
Civil Affairs Bureau of Urumqi Municipality
Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security of Urumqi Municipality
Social Insurance Administration of Urumqi Municipality
State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Urumqi Municipality
Economic and Technological Development Zone of Urumqi Municipality

3. Government authorities of the prefectures in the North and South Xinjiang
The People’s Government of Kuitun Municipality
The People’s Government of Horgos Municipality
The People’s Government of Xinyuan County
The People’s Government of Moyu County
The People’s Government of Mulei County 
Water Conservancy Bureau of Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture
Road Transport Administration of Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture

Key companies
Guodian Xinjiang Power Co., Ltd.(国电新疆电力有限公司)
Xinjiang Production And Construction Group State-owned Assets Management And Operation Co., Ltd.(新疆生产建设兵团国有资产经营公司)
Urumqi High-tech Zone State-owned Assets Management Co., Ltd.(乌鲁木齐市高新区国有资产管理有限公司)
Xinjiang Tianhong Papermaking Co., Ltd.(新疆天宏纸业股份有限公司)
Xinjiang Sanbao Industry Group Co., Ltd.(新疆三宝实业集团有限公司)
Urumqi High-tech Zone Construction Corporation(乌鲁木齐市高新区建设总公司)
Urumqi Real Estate Development Company(乌鲁木齐房地产开发公司)
Xinjiang Xuefeng Sci-Tech (Group) Co., Ltd.(新疆雪峰科技(集团)股份公司)
Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.(新疆生产建设兵团医药有限责任公司)
Xinjiang Kangpu Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd.(新疆康普建设投资集团有限公司)
Xinjiang Embellish Investment Development Co., Ltd.(新疆润盛投资发展有限公司)
Quanjude Xinjiang Restaurant Management Co., Ltd.
Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture Caitong State-owned Assets Management Co., Ltd.(伊犁州财通国有资产经营公司)
Postal Savings Bank of Ili Prefecture(伊犁州邮储银行)
Urumqi Tobacco Company(乌鲁木齐市烟草公司)
Wusu Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd.(乌苏电力建设有限公司)

Rated as the National Excellent Law Firm by the All China Lawyers Association in 2008.
Rated as the Advanced Collective of the Fourth Session of Nationwide Legal Aid Work by the Ministry of Justice of PRC in 2012.
Rated as the Xinjiang Outstanding Law Firm by the Department of Justice of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region since 2012.
Rated as Xinjiang Outstanding Law Firm by the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Lawyers Association in 2012 to 2015.



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