Established in April 1997, Hubei Chengye Law Firm is one of the earliest high-level, comprehensive and brand law firms in Yichang approved by Hubei Provincial Judicial Department.

Chengye Law Firm is located at the 18th floor of Golden Ray International Hotel, No. 16 Development Boulevard, Yichang High-tech Zone. It occupies an office area of more than 600 square meters in high-grade office building with independent property rights, and it has built up modern office facilities, network operation system, information management system, law and regulation database and case database. Its comprehensive strength ranks among the top peers in the eastern part of Chongqing and western part of Hubei, and has become a large comprehensive law firm with strong influence and popularity in Hubei Province and even in the whole country thanks to the fact that the number of cases undertaken, the number of the clients to which it provides legal advices and the total business income are all growing rapidly every year.

Chengye Law Firm has 12 senior partners, 24 full-time lawyers and 3 apprentice lawyers, and among all these lawyers there are 9 arbitrators of Yichang Arbitration Commission, 6 expert reviewers for procurement of Yichang municipal government, 1 municipal Party representative, 1 municipal CPPCC member, 5 have master’s degree in law. Chengye enables each of these lawyers to maximize its own advantages by virtue of effective internal cooperation mechanism throughout the firm, mature team service mode and effective integration of social resources inside the firm, and it is a law firm with strong team spirit and scientific management practices.

Chengye Law Firm implements the operation mode of “professional division of labor, standardized management and team operation”, and has set up seven professional departments, namely, the department of legal advisory for the government, the department of securities, insurance and banking, the department of construction, engineering and real estate, the department of corporate legal advisory, the department of criminal procedure, the department of administrative procedure and the department of civil and commercial action. It has provided legal advice, suggestions on revision to governments and functional departments of Yichang at all levels during their preparations of normative documents, issued legal opinions with respect to the legality of specific administrative acts, held legal trainings, participated the administrative hearings and represented the government in administrative reconsideration and administrative litigation cases, and has contributed significantly in those regards. The firm has served as the permanent legal adviser to more than 100 municipality, county (district) governments and functional departments, enterprises and public institutions, such as Municipal Public Security Bureau, Municipal Politics and Law Committee, Municipal Judicial Bureau, Yangtze Three Gorges Navigation Authority, Municipal Urban Administration, Municipal Agricultural Bureau, Municipal Housing and Construction Commission, Wujiagang District House Collection Office, Wujiagang District Government Office, Yichang Jiaotong Travel Group and International Culture Exchange College of China Three Gorges University.

Chengye Law Firm also maintains good performance and professional advantages with respect to civil and commercial litigation as well as non-litigation matters in the fields such as merger and reorganization, restructuring and listing, construction and real estate, intellectual property, etc. Particularly in the field of finance and securities, it expands rapidly, and maintains absolute advantages among the law firms in the region by providing high-quality, efficient and convenient non-litigation legal services to large and medium-sized enterprises both inside and outside the province in the non-litigation area of capital markets such as main board, small and medium enterprise board, growth enterprise board, new third board and the fourth board.

Areas of expertise & fields of interest:

Chengye Law Firm also maintains good performance and professional advantages with respect to civil and commercial litigation and non-litigation matters in the fields such as merger and reorganization, restructuring and listing, construction and real estate, intellectual property, etc.

Representative cases:

2009 “Deng Yujiao” intentional homicide case which was selected as one of the top ten classic criminal cases by the Supreme People’s Court in 2009.


Rated by All China Lawyers Association as one of the “Top 500 Chinese Law Firms” in 1999;

Rated as one of the first, second, and third “Top 10 Hubei Law Firms” by Hubei Provincial Department of Justice and Hubei Lawyers Association in 2001, 2003, 2005;

Rated as “Provincial Civilized Law Firm” by Hubei Provincial Department of Justice in 2002;

Rated as “Yichang Advanced Law Firm” by Municipal Judicial Bureau in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009;

Determined by Hubei Provincial Department of Justice as “Provincial Demonstration Point for Internal Management of Law Firm”, “Advanced Unit of Standardized Construction Year for Partnership Law Firms in the Whole Province” in 2005;

Rated by Hubei Lawyers Association as “Law Firm with AAA Integrity in Hubei Province” in 2005; 

Rated as “Advanced Grass-roots Party Organization” by the Party Committee of the agency directly under the authority of Municipal Judicial Bureau in 2005;

Determined by Hubei Provincial Department of Justice as “Demonstration Unit of Lawyer Culture Construction in the Whole Province” in 2007;

Ranked among the top three of “Comprehensive Strength Ranking of Law Firms in City Center of Yichang” in 2007, 2008;

Rated by Organization Department of Provincial Party Committee as Excellent Grass-roots Party Organization in 2011;

Rated by Municipal Judicial Bureau as “Demonstration Firm for Standardized Construction of Law Firms” in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014; rated by Hubei Lawyers Association as “Law Firm to the Satisfaction of the People” in 2014;

Rated as “National Excellent Law Firm” in 2016;

Rated by Municipal Judicial Bureau as 2017-2018 “Demonstration Firm for Standardized Construction of Law Firms”.





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