Established in 2011, Han & Partners is a dynamic boutique law firm that provides clients with the highest quality legal representation and consistent results. From our humble roots as a three-person firm, Han & Partners quickly grew in reputation, size and practice areas to bring our clients a range of integrated capabilities, including retail management, real estate, corporate advisory, litigation and dispute resolution, intellectual property, company secretarial, risk management and tax advisory. 

At Han & Partners, we do things differently. You won’t find aloof, detached lawyers spouting off legalese jargons every minute or so here. What you’ll discover, however, are young, aggressive and unconventional advocates and mediators who are able to adapt and evolve in the modern world while maintaining the core value of legal practice. 

We listen to your needs and partner with you in your journey to achieve resolution. Ultimately, we hold your best interests at heart, always. 

Our 30-people strong firm, which is led by founder and Managing Partner Lee Kien Han, has offices in Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru 


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