Profile of the Law Firm:

As a partnership, Qinghai Guanruo Law Firm advocates the concept of “efficiency, professionalism, leadership, and excellence” and act on the spirit of “gain leadership through professionalism, win through planning and management “to provide clients with all-round, multi-level and efficient legal services with an aim to establish the brand in the fields of corporate, finance, real estate, construction project, government legal services, criminal defense, etc., and build up a social reputation with excellent services.
The Firm has created a new management model in pursuit of professional, high-quality and large-scale development with innovative management mechanisms. The Firm now has a self-purchased office building with 1,200 square meters decorated in modern and minimalistic style and having a first-class modern law office consisting of, inter alia, a pantry and a VIP reception room, and divided into separated office area and reception area. 

Areas of expertise & fields of interest:

After much thinking, the partner team of Guanruo Law Firm tries the management model of “two systems for one firm” where the “commission system” of traditional law firms and the “integration or company system” of all-staff salary is combined to take the advantages of both management models, especially, the team advantage and overall competitive advantage in the “integration” system, and further especially, the agreement among the partners that all partners must submit themselves to the “integration” management, which makes the only law firm in Qinghai which adopts “the commission system complementary to the integration system as the mainstay” to develop an effective reciprocality between business and human resources within the firm.
The business scope of the Firm covers corporate, securities, finance, project financing, real estate, construction project, infrastructure, asset management, insurance, and commercial litigation and dispute resolution. Guanruo exercise strict control by the examination of internal conflicts of interests, case filing, internal verification and other procedures and policies to ensure that they can line up a corresponding team of professional lawyers and legal services according to the different needs of clients and provide them with ultimate and efficient legal services.
 Representative cases:

Providing legal services to the People’s Government of Yushu Prefecture
Providing legal services to the Standing Committee of People’s Congress of Yushu Prefecture
Serving as legal counsel of Qinghai Ramadan Industrial, Commercial & Trading Co., Ltd.(青海莱麦丹工商贸有限公司)
Providing legal services to Qinghai Hoh Xil Food Co., Ltd.(青海可可西里食品有限公司)
Providing legal services to the Environmental Protection Department of Qinghai Province
Serving as legal counsel to the People’s Government of Guoluo Prefecture
Serving as legal counsel of Xining Bao Yu Chen Trading Co., Ltd.(西宁宝玉陈商贸有限公司)
Serving as legal counsel of the Development and Reform Commission of Xining Municipality
Serving as legal counsel of Administration for Industry and Commerce of Qinghai Province
Providing legal services to the Bureau of Justice of Ulan County
Serving as legal counsel of the Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Department of Qinghai Province

Rated as the Excellent Unit for Standardization by Qinghai Lawyers Association in 2014.
Rated as the Excellent Unit by the Judicial Department of Qinghai Province in 2015 to 2016.
Rated as the Excellent Unit for Standardization by Qinghai Lawyers Association in 2016 to 2017.





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