Jiangsu Chuangkai Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as Chuangkai), established in 2011, is a comprehensive partnership law firm approved by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Justice.

Over the years, Chuangkai has been awarded "Outstanding Law Firm" by Wuxi Bureau of Justice and the Binhu Justice Bureau. In the spirit of "professionalism, efficiency and diligence", Chuangkai provides high-quality litigation and non-litigation legal services to clients. Presently, Chuangkai serves as legal adviser to more than 100 units and business partners. In terms of business development, besides providing legal services for commercial banks and financial asset management companies, such as litigation services, credit investigation, outsourcing collection and other financial legal services, Chuangkai has also carried out extensive advisory and litigation services in construction projects, PPP investment and financing, company M&A, company liquidation and other fields. Thanks to the has team-based and professional legal service feature, Chuangkai has gained a reputation in Wuxi and won favor and recognition from a large number of clients.

On April 21, 2017, Jiangsu Chuangkai Law Firm officially joined the Elite Global Legal Alliance (EGLA).


Financial affairs; intellectual property; investment and financing; corporate affairs; construction and real estate; wealth management; government legal dispute resolution

Financial institutions; state-owned enterprises; government departments; private enterprises; foreign-funded enterprises; real estate; transportation and logistics; internet; patent technology; education groups; Internet of Things


1. Served as legal adviser of many financial institutions such as Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Wuxi Branch, China Construction Bank Wuxi Branch, Bank of China Wuxi Branch, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Wuxi Branch;

2. Served as legal adviser of nearly ten large state-owned enterprises, such as Wuxi Waterworks Co., Ltd. and Wuxi Public Transport Group Co., Ltd.;

3. Served as legal adviser of government departments and institutions such as Wuxi Productivity Promotion Center, Wuxi Civil Affairs Bureau, Wuxi Binhu People's Government, Wuxi Binhu Cultural and Sports Bureau;

4. Served as legal adviser of excellent enterprises such as Jiangsu Haiying Group Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Foundation Engineering Co., Ltd., Wu Lihu Corporation Limited, The Wharf (Holdings) Limited (Wuxi), Wuxi Universal Steel Rope Co., Ltd., Wuxi General Machinery Works Co., Ltd., Wuxi Yinlun Bonig Refrigeration Co., Ltd. (German-invested);

5. Served as legal adviser of educational and public welfare institutions such as Wuxi Liangxi Education Bureau, Wuxi Jinqiao Education Group, and Wuxi Jinqiao Bilingual Experimental School;

6. Served as legal adviser of Jiangsu Intellectual Property Alliance, Wuxi (National) Design Patent Information Center and Wuxi IOT Intellectual Property Association;

7. Provided legal services for Jiangsu Branch, China Huarong Asset Management Co., Ltd.


1. Awarded "Outstanding Law Firm" by Wuxi Binhu Justice Bureau

2. Awarded "2011--2013 Wuxi Outstanding Law Firm" by Wuxi Justice Bureau and Wuxi Lawyers Association

3. Awarded "2014-2015 Wuxi Outstanding Law Firm" by Wuxi Justice Bureau and Wuxi Lawyers Association

4. Awarded "2016 Outstanding Law Firm" by Wuxi Binhu Justice Bureau

5. Awarded "2017 Outstanding Law Firm" by Wuxi Binhu Justice Bureau

6. Selected as one of the first members of the Purple Mountain Copyright Lawyers Alliance in 2018










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