Zhejiang Tianzan Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as Tianzan) was established in 2007. On January 23, 2015, Zhejiang Tianzan (Hangzhou) Law Firm was established in Hangzhou. The two offices now have a total staff of 46 which consists of practicing lawyers, apprentice lawyers, lawyer assistants and administrative staff, including 30 registered practicing lawyers. The general branch office serves as the permanent legal adviser to more than 200 well-known enterprises altogether. Tianzan is characterized by “professional division of labor, teamwork, rigorous service”, takes “exceeding customer expectations” as its service goal, and actively explores and innovates the legal service mode in the aspects of personnel training, service capacity building, brand culture and image building, and Party branch building. Now, Tianzan has already become a large comprehensive law firm with strong professional features, mainly serving companies and enterprises and carrying out both litigation and non-litigation businesses. 

For many years, Tianzan has been rated as “Quzhou Excellent Law Firm” and “Zhejiang Well-know Law Firm”.

In 2012, it was selected as “National Excellent Law Firm” by All China Lawyers Association.

Its total business, staff size, lawyer quality, law firm management, social reputation, Party organization construction and comprehensive evaluation have achieved remarkable results, and its comprehensive strength ranks first in Quzhou.

Hainan Changyu Law Office formally joined the Elite Global Legal Alliance on April 21, 2017.

Areas of expertise & fields of interest:

Tianzan has accumulated abundant practical experience in overseas investment, M&A, daily legal risk prevention and control, debt collection, bank credit risk control, enterprise bankruptcy management, fund management, PPP project, demolition and expropriation.

Representative cases:

Acting as legal adviser to Quzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC

Acting as permanent legal adviser to the Legal Office of Quzhou Municipal People’s Government

Acting as permanent legal adviser to the People’s Government of Kecheng District, Quzhou 

Providing permanent legal adviser to Quzhou Public Transport Group of Zhejiang Province

Providing permanent legal adviser to Shanghai Tongyue Leasing Co., Ltd.

Providing permanent legal adviser to Hangzhou Sinotruck Sales Co., Ltd.


Zhejiang Tianzan Law Firm was awarded “Demonstration Firm in Excel in Performance Campaign of Lawyer Industry in the Whole Province” in 2011

Rated as model firm for “Party Building in the Lawyer Industry of Zhejiang Province” by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Justice in 2012

Awarded the title of “Advanced Collective of the Fourth National Legal Aid Work” by the Ministry of Justice in 2012

Rated as “Quzhou Excellent Law Firm” in 2014

Awarded the honorary title of “Excellent Law Firm of Kecheng District” in 2016

Rated as one of “Quzhou Top Ten Service Organizations for Public Service Platform for Small and Medium Enterprises and Public Institutions” in September 2016

Awarded the honorary title of “National Top Ten Law Firm for Serving Small and Medium Enterprise” in November 2016

Rated as “2016 Advanced Law Firm” by Judicial Bureau of Kecheng District, Quzhou in February 2017 

Determined as “Quzhou Key Enterprise in the Service Industry” by Quzhou Municipal People’s Government in March 2017

Rated as “Quzhou 2014-2017 Excellent Law Firm” by Quzhou Lawyers Association in August 2018

Rated as “Zhejiang Well-known Law Firm” by Zhejiang Lawyers Association in December 2018




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