Anhui Huishang Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as “Huishang”) is a comprehensive institution for legal services, approved by the Department of Justice of Anhui Provincial People’s Government. Huishang upholds the business philosophy of “Sincerity, Dedication, Profession and Persistence” and strives to become a standardized, large-scale and professional law firm with teamwork and own brand.
Located in 9th floor of Block C in Zhongqiao Center, No. 1999 Qianshan Road, Shushan District of Heifei, Huishang enjoys charming sceneries and well-equipped facilities, creating itself a wonderful external condition to providing high-quality and efficient legal services.

Huishang has formed a team of professional and qualified lawyers, including senior attorneys with rich practicing experience and solid profession, well-known legal professors, brilliant young lawyers and pioneering legal scholars. Such a top-class legal team lays a solid foundation for Huishang to provide high-quality and efficient legal services.

Huishang takes its quality of service as a priority and has formed a complete and effective management system. On the one hand, Huishang adheres to group discussion on all complex and difficult cases and timely sort out all the case files; on the other hand, Huishang strictly obeys its standardized management requirements from case acceptance to case handling process and filing process. Therefore, the strict management on quality of service provides an institutional guarantee for Huishang to provide high-quality and efficient legal services.

Huishang is mainly in line of legal services in company, finance, real estate and investment & financing, and enjoys strong professional expertise and advantages.

Huishang is committed to carrying forward the spirit of Huizhou Merchants and the ideology of constitutionality, and takes it as its sacred duty and goal to safeguard legal rights and law for fairness and justice. Huishang is and will be firm to fulfill its mission and a faithful safeguard to protect its clients’ legitimate rights and interests.
Corporate M&A and Restructuring;
Finance and Security & Insurance;
Real Estate & Construction
Administrative & State-owned Property or Affairs;
Intellectual Property;
Criminal Affairs
Family & Marriage and Wealth Management;
Labor & Human Resources;
Life Health and Tort Compensation;
Foreign-related Affairs.
Serving as the Legal Counsel for Anhui Provincial People’s Government, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Anhui Province, Anhui Tax Service of State Taxation Administration, Department of Environmental Protection of Anhui Province, Anhui Administration of Commodity Prices, Anhui Highway Administration, Hefei Municipal People’s Government, Anqing Municipal People’s Government, Xuancheng Municipal People’s Government, Huainan Municipal People’s Government and Lu’an Municipal People’s Government, etc.;
Acting as the Legal Counsel for Anhui Federation of Industry and Commerce, Anhui Pawn Industry Association and Anhui Commerce Association of Real Estate, etc.;
Serving as the legal adviser for Anhui Provincial Group Limited for Yangtze-to-Huaihe Water Diversion, Anhui Wutong-Yangtze Expressway Co., Ltd, Anhui Lutong Railway Co., Ltd, AnhuiBroadcasting Corporation, Anhui Branch of Huaneng Power International Inc., Anhui Branch of China Huaneng Group Co., Ltd and Huaneng Chaohu Power Generation Co., Ltd, etc.;
Providing legal services for more than 20 enterprises or companies to go listed on the New Third Board and Anhui Stock Trusteeship Trading Center, such asAnhui Renzhitang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Anhui Wanhong Electric Co., Ltd, and so on;
Providing legal services in several financing projects for Anhui Provincial Investment Group Holdings Co., Ltd to issue short-term financing bills worth 4 billion RMB;
Serving as a Delegate to handle 10 cases in bankruptcy & restructuring for Hefei Jinzhong Paper Co., Ltd and Anhui Miaolan Commodity Co., Ltd, etc.;

Responsible for numerous complicated and difficult cases of significant influence, such as the sexual abuse case involving a girl of Qianshan District, the claim case for land compensation involving 56 villages along the Zhouliu Motorway, and so on;
Establishing Anhui Zhicheng Public Interest & Law Institute, which annually handles over 400 cases of various legal aids with 100% of recognition.
January 2010Collective Award by the Judicial Bureau of Hefei Municipal People’s Government
December 2011“Hefei Municipal Model Law Firm of Information Apllication”by the Judicial Bureau of Hefei Municipal People’s Government
December 2012“Provincial Model Grass-Roots Party Organization”
December 2013“Top 10 Law Firms”(Second Session) by Hefei Municipal People’s Government
November 2014“2013 Top 50 Comprehensive Law Firms”
December 2015“2014-2015 Model Party Brach” by the CPC Hefei Municipal Party Committee
December 2015“ModelGrass-RootsParty Organization”
November 2016“2016 Municipal ModelParty Organization”
January 2017      “Hefei Municipal Excellent Law Firm” (Third Session)
March 2017       “Model Unit for Legal, Honest and Standardized Practice”
July 2018         “National Model Unit in Lawyer Industry”
September 2018    “ProvincialModelParty Organization”

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