1. INTRODUCTION                       

Established in 2001, Sichuan Henghexin Law Firm is one of the largest comprehensive law firms in Sichuan Province, China. More than 180 practicing lawyers and paralegals work in our first-class 1500㎡office, aided by advanced information processing system and laws and regulations database searching engine. Our team is composed of legal talents with educational background in the United States and Europe, professional qualifications including CPA (Certified Public Accountant), CTA (Certified Tax Agents), Real Estate Valuer, Real Estate Appraiser and Patent Attorney, and proficiency in English, Japanese, Russian, German and other languages to provide clients with professional legal service.

Our firm was:

In April, 2007, named candidate for intermediary agent for State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Sichuan Province;

In August, 2004, selected as one of the insolvency administrators by Sichuan High People's Court;

In August, 2010, appointed as legal service provider by Government Public Complaints Office and Justice Department of Sichuan Province;

In June, 2015, designated as one of the first service agents for regulating enterprise behaviors according to law;

In January, 2017, selected as one of the insolvency administrators by Chengdu Intermediate People's Court;

In June, 2017, approved as member of Law Firms League established in regard of B&R and Free Trade Zone development in Chengdu city;

In April, 2018, selected as one of the first law firms engaged in Lawyer Meditation Pilot Project.

In 2011, our firm and Beijing DHH Law Firm co-founded ECLA (Elite Chinese Legal Alliance), which then upgraded into EGLA (Elite Global Legal Alliance).

In order to serve our clients with high standard, We operate as an integrated whole, with a culture that solve problems with collective wisdom. Our commitment to excellence and pursuit of quality and efficiency earn us constant support, trust and praise from our clients, both domestic and international.


Our firm has one research center and 19 departments. Our practice areas covers:

Finance, Securities and Capital Markets, Corporate, State-owned Enterprise, Government, Public-Private Partnership (PPP), Real Estate and Construction, Mining Investment and Environmental Protection, Private Equity and Investment Funds, Intellectual Property, Labor, Tax, Domestic Dispute, Public Welfare, International Law, Liquidation and Insolvency, Litigation and Arbitration, Law Enforcement ,and Criminal.


We offer high quality legal advice to a broad range of clients, including

·Government bodies: Finance Department of Sichuan Province, Justice Department of Sichuan Province, Prison Administration of Sichuan Province, People's Government of Chengdu City;

·Banks: Bank of China Sichuan Branch, Bank of East Asia (China) Chengdu Branch, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Chengdu Branch, Guangfa Bank Chengdu Branch, PingAn Bank;

·State-owned enterprises: China Tobacco Sichuan Industry Co., Ltd, Sichuan Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd, Sichuan Chemical Tianrui Co., Ltd;

·Real estate development companies: Sichuan Hongdi Real Estate Development Co., Ltd, Sichuan Junfeng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd, Reid Group Co., Ltd;

·Investment companies: Chuanjiang Investment Co., Ltd, Sichuan Logistics Industry Equity Fund Management Co., Ltd., Chengdu Hi-tech Investment Group Co., Ltd., Chengdu Xinrui Equity Fund Management Co., Ltd., Chengdu JD&Newhope Tourism Investment Co., Ltd., Chengdu Hongsen Equity Fund Management Co., Ltd.;

Other listed companies, small and medium enterprises and individuals.


·2010 "Outstanding Law Firm" by Justice Department of Sichuan Province and Lawyers Association of Sichuan Province;

·2011 "National Outstanding Law Firm" by ACLA (All China Lawyers Association);

·2012 "Choice of the Sichuan People Award" by Justice Department of Sichuan Province;

·2013 "Advanced Unit of Administration and Justice system" by Justice Department and Human Resource and Social Security Department of Sichuan Province;

·2014 "Outstanding Law Firm" by Lawyers Association of Chengdu city;

·2015 "Outstanding Law Firm of Sichuan Province" by Justice Department of Sichuan Province and Lawyers Association of Sichuan Province;

·2016 "Advanced Basic Unit of CPC Organization" by the CPC Chengdu Lawyers Association Committee;

·2017 "Advanced Service Group of Sichuan Province" by seven government departments including Justice Department of Sichuan Province;

·2018 "Law Firm of the year 2015-2017" by Justice Department of Sichuan Province and Lawyers Association of Sichuan Province.

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