Approved by Liaoning Provincial Department of Justice, Liaoning Shixun Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as “Shixun”), is a partnership law firm and a professional legal service organization mainly in line with providing comprehensive legal services in fields of finance and commercial litigation, etc. In April, 2016, Shixun officially became a member of the Elite Global Legal Alliance (EGLA).

Established in 2008, Shixun is located in Dalian Hi-tech Industrial Park and enjoys modern working environment and rich cultural ambience.

Farewell to the traditional practice mode of "occasional skirmishes and solo struggling", lawyers of Shixun took the lead in the company restructuring of the law firm, and paid attention to the integration of their business structure and the specialization of lawyers' division of labor. Besides, Shixun now is staffed with professional lawyers with excellent skills, and is equipped with the team management and the most advanced management system for law firms in China --Alpha to drive law by science & technology, thus providing efficient and high-quality legal services to help clients with various complicated legal issues. Currently, there is a batch of outstanding lawyers and partners responsible for the designing and implementation of the whole scheme mentioned above. Shixun has served as a legal adviser to many large and medium-sized enterprises in Dalian, covering many fields, such as finance, real estate, trade, logistics, new media, industrial parks, etc. Shixun also has provided legal services in the establishment of rules and regulations of consultant units, including the restructuring of enterprises and the establishment of stock rights, the drafting and reviewing of business and financial contracts, the handling of related creditor's rights and debts of enterprises, etc. Shixun not only provides legal protection for enterprises in the circulation of funds, but also accumulates rich practical experience in the process of legal operation, so that it has formed a good reputation in the industry and has been highly recognized by clients. Shixun also have conducted good exchange and cooperation with relevant government departments, like serving as a legal adviser to a number of government departments, which provides conditions for the success of its business development.

In addition, Shixun attaches great importance to public welfare activities and assuming social responsibilities. Shixun has undertaken public welfare legal services for many times. In 2010, Shixun became a member of Dalian Environmental Protection Volunteers Association, actively participated in wetland protection, coastline cleaning and other activities, and figured prominently in the "7.16 Oil Pollution Cleaning Activity". In 2015, Shixun took the initiative to undertake the agency work of Dalian Environmental Protection Volunteers Association v. PetroChina in the "7.16 Oil Spill Pollution Case", and finally reached the conclusion that PetroChina paid 200 million yuan of special funds for marine ecology, which should be used for marine environmental protection and ecological restoration in Dalian.

The name of “Shixun” stems from the saying that “Benefit society with virtue and make contributions by law”, and it is also the goal that Shixun strives for. We hope that our professional services can provide more help to our clients, and that we are willing to grow and share with our enterprises and move towards a better tomorrow together.


Finance & Insurance, Comprehensive Legal Services for Enterprises, Government Legal Adviser, Administrative Litigation, and Bankruptcy

Financial institutions, government agencies, real estate and industrial parks, etc.


Dalian Environmental Volunteer Association V. PetroChina "7.16" Oil Explosion Pollution Public Welfare Litigation Case

Case of Dalian Branch of a certain Bank Co., Ltd. v. Shenyang Certain New Materials Co., Ltd. (The first factoring contract dispute case in a Dalian court)

Case of Dispute over the Enforcement of Margin Pledge between Dalian Branch of a certain Bank Co., Ltd. and a certain company

Case of Disputes over the Execution of Accounts Receivable between Dalian Branch of a Bank Company Limited and Dalian Branch of a Bank Company Limited

Case of Construction Contract Dispute between a Dalian Group and Dalian Construction Group


2018  “Excellent Law Firm” by Liaoning Lawyers Association

2017  “Excellent Law Firm” by Dalian Lawyers Association

2016  “Liaoning Provincial Excellent Law Firm (2014-2015)” by Department of Justice of Liaoning Province

2014  “Advanced Collective Enterprise for Legal Service” by the Judicial Bureau of Liaoning High-tech Zone

2012  “Advanced Unit for Environmental Protection” by Dalian Environmental Protection Volunteers Association






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