Shandong Shanghe Law Firm, formerly Linyi Legal Advisory Office, was established in 1982. In 2001, it was decoupled and restructured into a cooperative law firm and renamed Shandong Shanghe Law Firm. In December 2009, it was approved by Shandong Provincial Department of Justice as a partnership law firm. In 2002, it set up a branch office in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, and became the only one in Shandong Province to have a branch office in Shenzhen. In 2004, it was included in the Provincial SASAC Bank of Alternative Intermediary; from 2007 to 2016, it was a member of Shandong Lawyers (Deheng) Alliance and a member of the Elite Global Legal Alliance (EGLA). In May 2016, it was determined by China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises as “Designated Service Organization for Enterprise Governance according to Law”. In September 2016, it was recorded into the talent bank of enterprise bankruptcy administrator of Linyi Intermediate People’s Court.

The Firm currently has a staff of 72, including 14 partners, 38 full-time practicing lawyers, 12 lawyer assistants and 8 administrative assistants. Among the practicing lawyers, 8 lawyers have a master’s degree in law, 42 lawyers graduated from university or college, 10 lawyers are Party members. 15 lawyers have practiced for more than twenty years and 10 lawyers have practiced for more than ten years. The Firm is one of the most comprehensive law firms in Linyi with the largest scale, largest number of staff, high overall quality of the team and team building.

More than 20 lawyers of the Firm have won honors at or above the provincial or municipal levels because of their outstanding achievements. Among them, the director was conferred the honorary titles of “Shandong Advanced Individual in Legal Aid”, “Shandong Excellent Constructor of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics”, “Advanced Individual in Contributing to the Construction of Shandong Province into a Powerful Province both Economically and Culturally”, and awarded “Individual Third-class Merit” and “Individual Second-class Merit” for once respectively. Other lawyers have also been conferred respectively honorary titles of Linyi “Outstanding Non-communist Party Intellectual”, Linyi “March 8 Red Flag Bearer”, Linyi “10 Outstanding Young Lawyers”, Linyi “Top Ten Lawyers”, “Advanced Individual in Terms of Professional Ethos”, “Excellent Lawyer for Safeguarding Employees’ Rights and Interests”, “Advanced Individual for Protecting Women’s Rights and Interests”, “Advanced Individual for Safeguarding Women’s and Children’s Rights”, “Advanced Worker for Theoretical Research” and “Excellent Debater”.

Many lawyers of the Firm hold multiple social positions. The director of the Firm is now a member of the Standing Committee of the Nineteenth People’s Congress of Linyi, the president of Linyi Federation of Professionals from New Social Class, the vice president of Linyi Association of Non-communist Party Intellectuals, the vice chairman of Linyi Federation of Social Organizations, the director of Shandong Lawyers Association, the chief supervisor of Linyi Lawyers Association, and the executive director of “Linyi Base for Investigation and Research of National Conditions” of Institute of Marxism, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

In holding social positions, they are ready to shoulder their responsibilities and actively perform their duties: participated in drafting and formulating a number of government laws and regulations; several lawyers have participated in the work of the political-legal departments and petitioning system by receiving and representing the complainers and petitioners through being on duty at department concerned, helping the government deal with a number of group petition cases involving law and suit; actively carries out public welfare activities such as bringing law into communities and social organizations, so as to provide legal services and help vulnerable groups.

While exerting its own advantages, the Firm makes full use of external legal resources and continuously marches towards high-end businesses. For this purpose, it formally joined the EGLA in May 2016. Through joining the EGLA, and extensive contacts and good business cooperation with many well-known law firms at home and abroad, it has formed a friendly legal service cooperation team, built a high-end platform for intellectual property rights, foreign-related business, and created a good legal service environment for serving the government and enterprises.

In the course of more than 30 years’ development, the Firm has gathered a large number of high-quality professionals. With them, the Firm focuses on contributing to the internationalization and regionalization of Linyi Mall by relying on teamwork, informatization, large scale and branding, taking the opportunity of joining the EGLA, taking the EGLA cooperation as the backing and driving force for its development, making full use of the legal professional advantages of the major professional research centers of the EGLA, and actively giving full scope to the legal advisory, real estate, criminal defense, civil and commercial affairs, intellectual property rights and other lawyer business teams of the Firm, strives to provide seamless, multifaceted, all-round, high-quality and efficient legal services to the government, enterprises, public institutions and parities involved in cases, and facilitate the internationalization of Linyi logistics, e-commerce and Linyi Mall with the strength of team. 

Areas of expertise & fields of interest:

The Firm has established seven business departments, namely, “Legal Advisory”, “Real Estate”, “Criminal Law”, “Intellectual Property, Securities”, “Civil and Commercial Affairs”, “Corporate Legal Affairs”, “Comprehensive Law” and two offices, namely, “Foreign-related Law” and “Shenzhen Lawyers”. The Firm led the formation of Linyi Intermediary and Social Organizations Integrated Service Alliance which acts as legal counsel of Linyi Municipal People’s Government, Linyi Comprehensive Bonded Zone Management Committee, Linyi Shantytown Renovation Project and a number of large and medium enterprises. It also provides special legal services to the government, and has brought into full play the overall and team advantages of the Firm.


After years of efforts, the Firm has been rated as one of Linyi “Top Ten Law Firms” and “Advanced Law Firm” for many times, conferred honorary titles of: “Excellent Defending Post for Women’s Rights” by Linyi Women’s Federation, Comprehensive Governance Committee and Judicial Bureau; “Advanced Unit for Promoting Arbitration Legal System” by Linyi Arbitration Committee; “Advanced Collective of the Judicial Administration System in the Whole Province”, “Shandong Advanced Collective in Legal Aid” and “Shandong Excellent Law Firm” by Shandong Provincial Department of Justice and Shandong Lawyers Association, and awarded ”Collective Second-class Merit” for twice.




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