Founded in Changchun in 2006, .Jilin Liangzhi Law Firm has grown steadily into a comprehensive law firm with a large scale and leading position in the law industry.

Liangzhi was awarded the "AAA Integrity Law Firm of Jilin Province" successively by the Social Credit Supervision and Management Office, the Department of Justice, the Lawyers Association, and the Social Credit System Construction Promotion Association of Jilin Province. While providing clients with high-quality and efficient legal services as its overriding goal, Liangzhi is shouldering the social responsibility of promoting the legal awareness and the legal literacy of the general public.

Liangzhi has gained a stronghold with the "Liangzhi" brand in Jilin Province. Our professional team can meet the different needs of different clients and provide them with multi-level legal services in three fields:

1) Basic Operations Department covers litigations of various aspects, such as marriage and inheritance, creditor's rights and debts, contracts, labor relations, industrial injury, land, personal injury, criminal defense, etc.

2) Legal Counseling Department is divided into legal counseling for government agencies and legal counseling for corporate entities, complete with working groups with specialties such as basic contract auditing, emergency handling, expropriation and relocation, petition handling, and labor dispute resolution.

3) High-end Operations Department focuses on corporate crisis management, corporate mergers and acquisitions, listing, banking and financial services.

Bearing in bosom both vision and wisdom, our lawyers are “client-oriented”, providing efficient and high-quality legal services to maximize the legitimate benefits and minimize the risks of clients.


1. Marital and family property disposal

2.Traffic accident compensation settlement

3.Criminal defense

4.Investment and financing, mergers and acquisitions, and restructuring

5.Enterprise human resources and labor disputes

6.Banking and finance

7.Legal counseling for government agencies


1.Awarded "National Advanced Collective in Extending Legal Aid" by the Ministry of Justice in 2016

2.Named "2015 Enterprise with Consumer Satisfaction" by Jilin Consumers Association in 2016

3.Awarded "Collective with Third-class Merit" by Changchun Municipal Bureau of Justice in 2017

4.Named "Public Welfare Demonstration Enterprise of Jilin Province" at the opening ceremony of the 2nd World Jilin Entrepreneurs Convention in 2017

5.Designated as the Legal Rights Protection Service Station for Private Enterprises of Jilin Province by the Federation of Industry and Commerce and the Department of Justice of Jilin Province in 2017




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