Established on April 8th, 1994, Jiangxi Nanfang Lawfirm is a law firm in partnership. With the idea of "operating on borrowings to build an excellent company in order to attract talents", we started our journey with bold innovation and determined reforms. The past 25 years have witnessed our progress. More than 150 employees, including partners, assistants, secretaries, and executives, work in our Nanfang Building of 13,400 square meters. As we have opened our Xingguo and Nankang Branch Office in January 2017 and April 2018 respectively and is to launch Ruijin Branch Office in March 2019, we are on the way to a comprehensive law office with great influence in China. Since we joined Elite Global Legal Alliance (EGLA) in 2013, we have constantly absorbed advanced management concepts, sought new customers, new business and expanded our serving sectors together with other members, improving our professional legal services and driving our company forward.

In the new era, we have deepened our reforms aiming to promote the hierarchical construction of our team, to expand the scale of our team, and to attract more excellent legal talents. We endeavored to establish a complete equity management mechanism and improve the corresponding partner institutions and related rules and regulations. Meanwhile, we have implemented the idea that one should hold party and company posts concurrently proposed by the Ministry of Justice of the People's Republic of China into our practices. Taking the idea of "better party building, better law office building" as the core, we have gradually established and improved our platform for institutions of party building and law office management, in which we effectively implemented one title with two positions system with the aim of improving management efficiency and promoting integrated development. Based on our efforts, we have realized the effective integration of the responsibilities and functions of two institutions and paved a new route of party building in the law office in the new era, which made us the leader in this field.


We are dedicated to becoming a professional legal team. We have set up ten departments covering contract affairs, torts, civil affairs, company legal affairs, employment affairs, real estate (construction projects) and administrative legal affairs. Our objective is to safeguard our clients' rights and interests. In doing so, we have creatively delivered star-rated standard service of legal consultants, winning trust from all sectors of society. By the end of 2018, we have worked together with 745 companies, such as party and government organs, media companies, industrial and mining enterprises, and self-employed individuals as legal counsel for years, providing legal services to dozens of key projects such as Hongkong Industrial Park of Ganzhou City and renovation of dilapidated buildings in central Ganzhou. Moreover, we emphasized theoretical research on rule of law, with more than 200 professional papers published in the media at the provincial level.


1. Nanfang assisted in the case of Peng Changhua's Martyr Pension for the survivors of his family. This case was reported in CCTV programs and famous newspapers and approved by General Secretary Hu Jintao, which drove the amendment of related regulation. It was compiled into top 100 outstanding legal aid cases in China and as a typical case of Ganzhou Municipal Government striving to be National Double Support Model City.

2. Nanfang assisted in the first lawsuit against a premarital physical examination institution in China. In July 2003, a 34-year-old farmer Mr. Liao from Quannan County sued the local maternal and child care service center for its wrong diagnosis in which his mentally ill wife was confirmed as normal. On September 9th, 2003, the case was publicly heard in Quannan County Court and Nanfang delivered services for plaintiff.

3. Nanfang advised in the case of migrant workers from Xingguo County getting their wage. In 1996, 116 migrant workers earned 82,663 yuan for their work in a sugar factory in Xiamen. However, they got nothing back even after struggling for 7 years. With the report on media and support from the government, three representatives went to Xiamen for their wage again. As they were lack both legal knowledge and money, Nanfang offered to provide legal services for them free of charge, getting the table turned.

4. Nanfang acted on the case of the Commission of Population and Family Planning's dispute over the administrative penalty in Xingguo County. The case centered on whether Chen, a resident of Xiaochun Village in Gaoxing Town of Xingguo County, went to Lianjiang Hospital for a B-ultrasound test after she knew she was pregnant, in which Li Suping, a medical worker in this hospital, may be involved. On July 28th, 2004, we formed a team consisting of Liao Zefang, Zhang Rui and Lu Shengkuan to handle this case representing Li Suping. The court decided the action in favor of our team.

5. Nanfang acted on the case of Mr. Ji being charged with bribery, which was compiled into the People's Court Selected Cases. On May 13th, 2005, Nanfang, as the defendant for Mr. Ji who was accused of accepting bribes by the local procuratorate organs, won the favor of the court in the first instance. Two months later, the court of the second instance dismissed the procuratorate's protest and upheld the acquittal of the first instance. This case dominated domestic media, reported in Chinacourt, Xinhuanet and significant portals such as Netease and Sohu. It attracted the attention of influential newspapers such as People's Court Daily, Legal Daily, and Procuratorate Daily.

6. Nanfang assisted in the case of individual invention patent infringement dispute, which was selected into the Thirteen Typical Cases of Cracking Down Patent Infringement and Counterfeiting in 2017 issued by National Intellectual Property Administration.

7. Nanfang assisted in the lawsuit against a college for its refusal to award degrees.

8. The case of seed IOUs involved 591 families in Ningdu.

9. The case of Gannan Cigarette Factory's cargo insurance claim.

10. Ginkgo tree of more than 100 years compensation case and another 100 cases with great impacts.


1. National Outstanding Law Firm

2. National Advanced Grass-root Party Organization Striving for Excellence

3. National Advanced Collective Striving for Excellence in the Legal Sector

4. National Advanced Collective in Legal Aid

5. National Youth Civilization Model

6. National Woman Civilization Post

7. National March 8 Red Flag Collective

8. National Advanced Collective in Safeguarding Women and Children's Rights and Interests

9. National Advanced Women Collective Striving for Excellence

10. National Advanced Party Organization in the Legal Sector

11. Provincial Advanced Grass-root Party Organization

12. Jiangxi Advanced Company of Military Families and Army Support


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