Founded in 2008, Jiangsu Maotong Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as “Maotong”) has developed into one of the law firms with the largest office space, the highest popularity, the strongest professional qualification, the finest division of labor and the fastest speed of development within the Huaihai Economic Zone. Besides, Maotong took the lead in passing the evaluation of the international quality system and obtained the electronic certificate of trademark registration for the first batch in China, with its business radiating both at home and abroad. In 2013, Maotong officially became a member of the Elite Global Legal Alliance (EGLA), which serves as a major initiative for Maotong to implement its strategy of “Expanding out of Litigation, Going Out of Xuzhou” to form its core competitiveness in legal service in Huaihai Economic Zone. Moreover, Maotong also initiated the establishment of Huaihai Maotong Legal Alliance in 2014, which is the largest legal alliance in Huaihai Economic Zone.



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Successfully completed a large number of cases involving assets acquisition, corporate restructuring and financing & investment with the total value exceeding more than 100 million RMB;

Successfully handled the largest case on the revocation of substituting the signature inked on the insurance policy (a false insurance policy worth of 100 million RMB) in China;

Successfully acted for the case on personal injury disputes between Mr./Ms. Xu and Xuzhou Iron MineGroup, which was the first case of personal injury with the same life and the same price in Jiangsu Province, seven years ahead of the implementation of the Tort Liability Law; 

Successfully acted for the infringement case of Mr./ Ms. Zhang suing Xuzhou Planning Bureau for revoking the administrative license, which is the first case in Jiangsu after the implementation of the Administrative License Law;

Successfully represented the intellectual property disputes between a TV station and MBC, one of the three major Korean TV stations, and prompted the court to reject the lawsuit of the Korean TV station;

Successful acted for a case of equity dispute, which was recorded as a typical case in the January 2009 Bulletin of Jiangsu Provincial High Court, and eventually led to the Supreme People's Court rejecting the other party's lawsuit;

Mr. Liu Maotong successfully represented a case of anonymous shareholders' rights to know, which was assessed by Xuzhou Intermediate People's Court as the top ten difficult economic cases in 2006;

Mr. Liu Maotong accused China Unicom of charging for caller display, which became an influential public interest lawsuit in China and was recorded in the lecture notes by many colleges and universities;

In 2007, Mr. Liu Maotong sponsored Jiangsu Province's first lawyer-model cooperative housing construction at his own expense;

Successfully represented a case of construction project dispute between a real estate company in Xuzhou and a construction company in Fujian, recovering more than 100 million RMB of losses for the clients;

Acting for an arbitration case under the China International Trade Arbitration Commission involving a holding company in Xuzhou, a company in Shanghai and a company in Hong Kong, successfully leading to the rejection of the other party's arbitration application, thus avoiding more than 6 million RMB of economic losses for the holding company in Xuzhou.



Teaching Practice Base of the Law School of Jiangsu Normal University

"Service Unit for Running Enterprises by Law" designated  by China Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises 

Member of National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors

"Provincial Model Party Branch" to the Maotong Party Branch

Model Unit for Defending the Rights of Youth Rights" to Jiangsu Maotong Law Firm awarded by the Jiangsu Provincial Committee of Communist Youth League, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Justice and the Jiangsu Higher People's Court

The WeChat Subscription of Maotong ranked 3rd in the 14th Session of Ranking for  Wechat Influences of China Law Institutes

Top 10 Units of Legal Aid in Xuzhou

Top 10 Law Firms in Xuzhou

Excellent Law Firms for SMEs

Best Commercial Legal Service Unit in Xuzhou

Unit of Youth & Civilization in Xuzhou 

Excellent Unit for Defending Youth Rights


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