EGLA Declaration

The Elite Global Legal Alliance (the "EGLA") devotedly follows the development trends of business scaling, brand building and professionalism in the global legal services industry, and implements the legal profession’s mission. All our members do not stay content with the current achievement or persistently dwell on the past. We share the common desire to strive progression and pursuit the ideals of achieving the nationwide, even worldwide, highest and most advanced standards of legal services and firm management.

The EGLA advocates the core cooperative principles of “Resources Integration, Scale Effect and Benefit Sharing”, chooses its member firms based on strict criteria of " Leading Firms and Elite Lawyers", and pursuits the ultimate goals of improving the standards and quality of legal services provided by all our members, providing clients with one-stop international legal services, and achieving the highest professional ethical standards.

We emphasise that the main development goal of the EGLA is to achieve business improvement and increase business revenue among all our members by deepening exchanges and integration of the teams of our members. We promise that with the starting point of resource integration, and the main methods of organising mutual training programmes, setting common business standards and co-conducting business research and development, we shall achieve the maximum integration of professional legal services within the EGLA, provide clients with high quality, comprehensive and professional legal services as well as enhance the overall level of global legal services industry.

We insist that in addition to the business exchange and integration, we shall focus on the exchange and integration of management systems between our members. We shall explore and design an innovative, pragmatic and efficient management model for our members as well as the global legal services industry by sharing and referencing the distinctive and effective management models of our members.

We hope that we shall build brand influence within and outside the EGLA by mutual efforts of all our members. For this cause, all our members solemnly promise that each member will make its greatest contribution to promote cooperation within the EGLA, and embrace and maintain the responsibility of safeguarding the brand and reputation of the EGLA. Our strengths and strategic goals are "Global Perspectives, Local Advantages, Leading Firms, Elite Lawyers" and "Commercial Platforms, Win-Win Cooperation, Management Sharing, Business Collaboration"!

As an old Chinese poem goes, "When I glance at the visage of vernal breeze, I know that a thousand flowers of purple and red set spring aglow."

We are fortunate to be living in the great era of the second wave of growth in China. The EGLA answers the needs and is believed to prosper in line with current trends. We are exploring a new model of cooperation. The road is beneath our feet, quietly waiting for the practitioners. Let us together wish that we progress and succeed together! Let us work together to build a Global Fleet of Law Firm Cruisers!


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