Elite Global Legal Alliance

The world's first alliance of elite law firms to provide legal services for the Belt and Road initiative

The EGLA network has 68 member firms situated in the countries that are important focal points of the Belt and Road initiative, including 16 countries of China, South Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam, with more than 7000 lawyers.

We aim to implement the tenets of "resource integrationbenefit sharingscale effect and expertise collaboration", and advocate the mottos of "Building a Global Fleet of Law Firm Cruisers", "Global Perspectives, Local Advantages, Leading Firms, Elite Lawyers" and "Commercial Platforms, Win-Win Cooperation, Management Sharing, Business Collaboration". We devotedly follow the inevitable trend of law firm development, i.e. standardisation, specialisation, scale effect and working together across boundaries, and are fully committed to forging a strong alliance among outstanding and distinguished law firms worldwide, increasing the breadth and depth of services, and to providing one-stop legal services to the clients around the world with the support of teams and resources from our each member.

The EGLA is dedicated to pursuing the ultimate goals of improving the standards and quality of legal services provided by all our members, providing clients with one-stop international legal services, and achieving the highest professional ethical standards. We are looking forward to welcoming all the outstanding and distinguished law firms with common aspirations for development, from all around the world, and particularly from the countries and regions along the Belt and Road, to join the EGLA to grow and win together.


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